1st Epi :Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Darsh telling about the city of Paris. He says my pic of Dwarka is going to get an award here. The man welcomes Darsh Rawal. Darsh is troubled by someone. He says I didn’t see your girlfriend, I didn’t know its ladies washroom. He tries to go. The man scolds him. Darsh says I can’t see any girl. The man says you blo*dy indians can never change. Darsh hits him. He is called on the stage to receive the award. Darsh says sorry, I have no time, my name is announced. The man says he is blind, he can’t see. Darsh goes managing his walk well. The man asks may I assist you, there is a step ahead. Darsh says thanks.

He receives the award. The man asks him to share his experience. The couple comes there and hears his speech. Darsh says I can see everything through the eyes of my heart than my eyes. The lady asks is he blind. The man says no, he is making us fools, how can a blind man do such a good photography, he will see his photography getting destroyed, he will forget everything. He throws a fork at the pic. Darsh catches the fork and says I m not a fraud, you will get beaten up now, if you can’t respect our country then don’t insult it, Dwarka is in my hand, my mum is waiting for me there, I don’t need eyes to see it.

Scene shifts to Dwarka, a lady calls out Nandini. Nandini comes and looks cheerful. The lady says who can say that Nandini is an orphan. Nandini goes to her sister and compliments her for getting married in Dwarka. Nandini says my mum is a cow, and cow is Lord, Lord will do the kanyadaan. She keeps the Dwarkadeesh idol. The man shows Nandini a pic in the newspaper. Nandini says my cow looks so lovely in the pic, it looks that the photographer can clicked the pic by his heart. She prays to meet that photographer.

Scene shifts to Darsh’s house. His family is praying. Darsh’s dad asks how long will you stay upset with Dwarkadeesh. Darsh’s mum says he has snatched my son’s eyesight, I have sworn not to see his face, we have to pack 50 sweet boxes for the blind school. Everyone packs the sweet boxes. She says when Darsh gets married, I will make you 5000 sweet boxes. He says Rajvi, Darsh is my son also, forget about his marriage, just think, who will marry a blind guy. She gets upset. He apologizes. She says I always teach him that we are helpless as we let ourselves, he isn’t disabled, the people who see his weakness are disabled, his clean heart, his talent, his success, eyes aren’t needed to see all this, a clean hearted girl is needed for him, I will find her.

Nandini checks the things. She says my sister will get much love in her Sasural. Nandini, her sister and her guests go to Dwarka in the boats. Nandini asks everyone to get up, she is finding something. She says my sister’s smile was lost, see I got it now. She hugs her sister. The lady blesses her. Nandini talks to them. She says my sister likes Naveen. Her sister thinks I spoke to him, why didn’t he reply, what if he refuses. Darsh’s dad says Darsh’s eyesight can’t be cured. Rajvi says I m glad that he is different. He says think if that girl falls in trouble, can Darsh protect her. She asks why not, courage is needed for protection. She goes.

He says I wish her words turn true, don’t know where would be that girl. Nandini dances in the boat. Her sister Bansuri says she is taking much care of me, I m worried for her, who will become her support. The lady says don’t worry, there will be house where she will be filling light. Rajvi comes to Darsh’s room. She says you think Darsh needs such a clock to touch and know time. She switches off lights. He gets hurt. He says I thought he will be glad with this. She scolds him for hurting Darsh, does he want to show that Darsh isn’t like him. He says no. She says better focus on business, learn from him, Darsh didn’t lose the courage to lose, he topped in MBA even after that accident when he lost the eyesight, he assists in business and earned a name in photography, what is your achievement, that you can see…. He feels bad.

He says sorry mom, this won’t happen again, bless me now, dad asked me to attend meeting with exporters. She hears a car horn. She says Darsh and runs out. He sadly looks on. He says I know, I can never be equal to Darsh, he is special, but I m also bit special. Rajvi goes to see Darsh. She says I felt Darsh had come. Darsh closes her eyes. She says my son, Darsh. Everyone comes and meets him. His brother lifts him happily. Dada ji says we will go, lets go and pack the boxes. Rajvi takes the trophy and says you have won again, I m so proud of you. She does his aarti.

Darsh talks to her. She checks his bag and says this cap is still in packet. He says who wears monkey cap in these times, you pray for a girl to come in my life, what if she met me in Paris and saw me wearing this monkey cap. She says it was so cold there, listen to me. He applies colours to her face. He says I thought to apply some colour to your face. She says world will think we got mad to play holi a month early. He touches her feet. He says 3 years ago, my life’s colours turned into darkness, when you are with me, then everyday is like holi for me, so happy holi is advance. She says happy holi and hugs him. She asks him to get ready for the exhibition.

He says I know what to wear. She says don’t wear black tuxedo. He says I will be wearing this monkey cap. She says no, there will be many guests, they will laugh. He asks am I looking funny. She says you bring a smile on my face. He says I know. She asks him to go and get ready, he has to go to the temple also. He says I have to go to ghat also. She says I know, for photography. Bansuri says Nandini, you are hiding it, I know you used all the savings for my bidaai items. Nandini says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen. Darsh clicks pics at the ghat. He hears dhol sound. Nandini says Dwarka ghat has come. Darsh says big fat Gujarati wedding. Weather gets spoilt. The lady asks Nandini and Bansuri to come fast, there is a storm.

Nandini asks them to go. She worries for the electronics. Everyone looks on and asks for help. Darsh asks is there anyone in the boat. Nandini says I won’t let anything happen to your bidaai items. Darsh says jump down, the whirlpool is 20m away. He gets updates from his smart watch. He repeats the whirlpool distance to Nandini. Nandini says I can’t jump. Darsh hears that the girl’s mum is going to save the girl. He thinks how will she swim. He jumps in the river and swims to save Nandini. He gets on the boat. She falls over in his arms. Aapki nazron ne samjha…..plays….