Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 16th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gunjan asking Pinky to add the salt in the halwa kadai and not use her mind. Pinky says don’t insult me, it’s a small thing, I can’t make any mistake in this. Anandi asks Gunjan to come. Gunjan says coming, if Emily’s halwa is ruined, then no one can stop you from becoming the bahu of this house. Gunjan comes to Anandi and lies that she was heating the Nilgiri oil for her leg pain. Anandi praises her. Gunjan smiles. Anandi asks what is Emily doing, how is her halwa preparation going. Gunjan says its going on well.

She calls Anandi a Devi. She says we will do one thing, we will ask the neighbors to taste the halwa, they won’t like the halwa at all. Anandi says we will start the halwa tasting. She calls all the neighbors home. She says they all will taste the halwa made by Emily and give their opinions, its imp for me, this halwa is our respect. Emily gets Anali there. Anandi and Emily talk via Anali. Gunjan thinks the respect will get down right now. Anandi says the people will taste the halwa and tell me if the halwa is good or not. Emily agrees. Pinky says I have done the work. Gunjan says I m sorry for scolding you, how did you add the salt. Pinky recalls going to the terrace and sees Aarav and Emily decorating the halwa. She goes.

Pinky says Emily had kept the halwa in the bowl, not the kadai. Gunjan asks did you do the work. Pinky says yes. Emily serves them the halwa. Anandi asks them to have the halwa and give their opinion. Gunjan says we know what’s in the halwa, we won’t have it, we added salt in it. Pinky says I like halwa, I want to eat it. She eats the halwa.

Everyone eats the halwa. The neighbors have the halwa and like it. Indu says halwa is good, but not like Anandi makes. Anandi asks Gunjan how is the halwa. Gunjan says its good. Anandi tastes the halwa. She smiles. Gulab says this halwa isn’t like Anandi makes, but this isn’t so bad, it can go in the competition. Everyone agrees. Anandi says I also think so, what do you think Gunjan.

Gunjan says wait, I will taste again. She tastes it and says its good, but Emily there is some different taste in this, what’s this. Emily says special American ingredient, blueberries. Anandi asks Aarav to take the halwa for the competition. Emily asks for her blessings. Anandi blesses her. Emily goes to get ready. Gunjan takes Pinky to the room and scolds her. She says halwa was in the side dish, not in the kadai. Pinky says you asked me to add salt in the kadai. Gunjan hurts her in anger.

She asks Pinky to go. She asks Lord why did you not give any senses to Pinky, do something that Emily doesn’t win the competition. Aarav and Emily come to give the halwa and register her name. The lady asks them to sit, it will take some time. Gunjan comes there. She sees them. She changes the halwa bowl. She thinks I will see how long will Emily stay as our bahu. Aarav pacifies Emily and asks her not to worry.

Gunjan hides the halwa bowl under the table. She thinks Emily will lose the competition when the judge tastes the halwa made with salt. Gunjan asks Pinky not to worry, Emily will lose. Pinky says she can come and say she won. Aarav and Emily come. Gunjan says she has lost. Anandi asks what’s the result of the competition. Aarav asks Emily to tell it. Emily says I lost. Anandi is shocked. Gunjan says no one can make halwa like Anandi, my hands aren’t like Annapurna, but see your overconfidence, you have challenged Baa, right. Anandi says you remember the condition. Aarav goes on a call. She asks Emily to recall. Emily says yes, I remember, if I win, then I will get an entry in the kitchen, else I will lose the house. Aarav smiles hearing this. Anandi asks Emily to pack her bags.

Anandi says your relation with this house is over. Emily cries and leaves. She does a tapasya at the temple. She sees Lord Krishna.

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