Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Gunjan asking Anandi to bless her. Anandi says my blessing is always with you. Gunjan says I got an idea, this light can save us, if the light goes, then Jaibala can’t see Emily’s face. Anandi likes the idea and praises her. Gunjan goes to the meter box. Pinky asks are you going to bring darkness in my life, how will Jaibala see Emily’s face. Gunjan says we will dim the light, just see my signal and switch on the lights. She dims the lights. Jaibala asks Anandi what happened to the lights. Gunjan says there is much problem of electricity here, our Choti bahu is like a moon. Everyone begins the Mu dikhai. Anandi says I m still in tension, Gunjan. Gunjan says I won’t let Jaibala talk to anyone.

Jaibala says you called few people for the Mu dikhai, why. Gunjan says Jaman is doing video recording and showing it live to everyone. Jaibala says great. Gunjan asks her to go and see Emily’s face. Jaibala goes and sees Emily. She blesses Emily. Anandi and everyone get relieved. Jaibala says bahu’s hair is black, but her eyebrows are golden, why. Gunjan says hair stay in sunlight, not the eyebrows. She asks another lady. Anandi says she is asking Indu. Gunjan says I m here. She signs the men to play dhol. Anandi smiles.

Jaibala asks why did you call Punjabi dhol. Gunjan says entire country is of us. Jaibala says your bahu has an answer to everyone. Pinky thinks why didn’t Gunjan give me a signal, did she come in Anandi’s words. Gunjan asks Kanchan to take Emily to the room. She steps on the long hair wig. The wig and ghunghat gets pulled. Everyone is shocked. Jaibala sees Emily’s golden hair. Pinky laughs. She goes and switches on the lights.

Jaibala looks at Anandi. Gunjan says forgive me, my foot got on her foot by mistake, else I would have not let this truth come out. Jaibala claps and asks Anandi did she get a foreigner bahu when she lectures others about same community relationships, you have no right to sit on the chief position, you lied to me, your entire family lied to me.

The ladies gossip. Jaibala says Anandi didn’t invite me in your marriage, so I want to tie your gathbandhan again. She says you made me cut my daughter’s gathbandhan with the sword, its your turn now, prove your love for Gondal or your ethics, does anyone have something to cut. Pinky says yes, I have a scissor. Gunjan stops Pinky. Anandi says I did the mistake. Aarav prays. Emily asks what happened, why is Jaibala angry. He says she wants our marriage to get cancel. She asks why. He says I will miss your sweet English, she wants our marriage to get cancelled because you aren’t from our community. The neigbors come. Jaibala asks Anandi to cut the gathbandhan. She says I had sacrificed my daughter’s happiness that day, I want to see what you do for Gondal. Indu says your ethics are imp, Anandi will sacrifice her Gondal chair for her ethics, we will find someone to handle the chair, I m there, Anandi can’t break this relation, else she will break her principles, she has no option than to leave the chair. Jaibala says yes, she can’t break the marriage, she has to leave the chair.

Pinky says I want to touch Gunjan’s feet. Gunjan says no. Emily says I love India. Jaibala says our country is such lovable. Emily says yes, India believes that the entire world is one family, forgive me, I m from your community. Aarav says yes, I know she isn’t from our country, but you are taking the injections for your mum, that’s also made in America, how does it matter if my wife isn’t from this country, Lord made us same. Gunjan gets angry.

Aarav says break this marriage if you want, but this reason isn’t right. Jaibala cries. She calls Jigna and says sorry, tell your foreigner boyfriend that I will get you both married next week. Everyone smiles. Jaibala says Anandi, your bahu and son opened my eyes today, its right, Lord made all of us alike, I wish I didn’t break my daughter’s marriage that day by listening to you, I will rectify my mistake, you also don’t do this mistake, you are the best chief for Gondal chair. Anandi cries and asks will you invite me in Jigna marriage. Jaibala says it can’t happen without her Maasi, you are my best friend. She hugs Anandi. Pinky says you always lose. Jaibala blesses Emily. Anandi thinks Emily has won Jaibala’s heart, but I have to send her away to America.

Gunjan and Pinky fool Emily about Anandi’s Asthma. She feeds something to Anandi. She says I heard Gunjan and Pinky discussing about your asthma.

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