Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 10th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gunjan seeing the jewellery. She says I will confirm this from the other jeweller, if its real gold or not. Jeweller sees Parul. Gunjan sees Ragla behind. Parul likes a saree for Nandini. Gunjan says its too good. She takes that saree. Shobit worries about Charmy. He thinks I m not getting a chance to explain Charmy. Naveen thinks to take loan. Bansuri says no need to take loan, we have jewellery. He says its your mum’s jewellery, we will not touch it. She says mum’s jewellery isn’t imp than daughter’s bidaai. He says you are right, two marriages will happen here. She says Nandini doesn’t want any jewellery, you just do her kanyadaan. He asks do you want me to do this, I will do her kanyadaan. She smiles. Mohan looks on and says Nandini is mine. Naveen asks Bansuri to get tea.

Parul asks Nandini to choose any good saree. She goes. Darsh goes to help Nandini. He sits with her. Shobit smiles seeing them. Darsh asks shall I help in choosing. Gunjan thinks how will he choose. Darsh says you tell me the colour, I will choose the fabric. Darsh chooses a saree for Nandini. Parul gets the ancestral jewellery. Ragla thinks now the treasure has come out. Parul says Rajvi wants the elder bahu to get all these jewellery. She says Gunjan, if you like anything, ask Nandini, I also take jewellery from Rajvi and return it, its big thing to take big responsibility. Gunjan thinks how can this happen, Baa said Darsh can’t see, everything will be mine and Shobit, do I have to do Nandini’s slavery here.

Nandini comes home and talks to the cow. She says I didn’t know Ragla is there. Gunjan comes and hears her. Nandini says Ragla can’t be around Gunjan. Gunjan starts arguing with her. Nandini says you can’t get that room, its downstairs for his ease, it will be of him.

Vipul meets the doctor and asks for the new updates. Doctor says give me some time, when I get a green signal, I will inform you. Vipul asks are there 90% chances. Doctor nods. The lady looks on. Vipul says we are fixing Darsh’s marriage, we are in dilemma to keep the marriage or not. Doctor says you should stop it now. Te lady thinks I will stop Darsh’s marriage with that villager. Bansuri says Nandini said Ragla is there. Naveen asks did Gunjan talk to him. She says no, she got mature now, she didn’t talk to him. He says we can’t show our face to anyone if they know Gunjan and Ragla’s truth. She asks him to calm down. Gunjan tells about Nandini to Baa. She asks her plan. Vipul says I can’t talk to Rajvi, what shall I do, am I doing right.

Chetan says trust yourself, you are doing right. Bansuri says I m worried for Gunjan. Nandini says Gunjan has seen Ragla’s true face, I will go and make sweets, take rest. She goes. Nandini goes to kitchen. She gets dresses in the grain boxes. Darsh calls her and asks did you like the clothes. She asks did you send all these for me, why did you send 8 dresses, did you get much money, don’t waste money. He says come out and scold me. She asks are you outside. He says yes, come out fast, there is a surprise. She asks what surprise. He asks her not to ask, just come. She says fine, coming. Shobit says I couldn’t refuse to Charmy, what will I explain her.

The lady says no one in Rawal family should know that I m in Dwarka. Shobit collides with her. He says I m so sorry. She hears his voice and thinks I hope he didn’t see me. He asks are you hurt. She signs no. She thinks I have to be careful until Darsh’s marriage breaks. Nandini goes out and sees Darsh with a kulfi stall. She gets happy. He says I know you like kulfi a lot, Bansuri told me. Mohan in disguise, gives the kulfis. Nandini and Darsh enjoy the kulfi. Mohan gets angry. Mohan recalls seeing Darsh coming at Nandini’s house. Driver asks is there any kulfiwala here. Mohan says wait, I will send now. FB ends. Nandini asks shall I eat more kulfis. Darsh says you should eat, you will get healthy. Mohan thinks you don’t know if you will get saved.