Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 10th July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rajvi saying we have to leave for Porbandar, we have to take second opinion for your surgery. Darsh says I just came and we have to go again, where is Shobit. Rajvi says he doesn’t stay with us now. Darsh says Nandini, you don’t want to talk to me, but I have to talk to you. Rajvi requests her. Charmy thinks just Rajvi will understand my helplessness, sorry Darsh. Vipul asks what did you do Rajvi, you presented Charmy as Nandini. Vini takes Nandini’s pics. Nandini talks to her. Vini takes her pic to post. Nandini thinks I can’t take risk to get seen on social media. She says no social media posts, give the phone. Vini tells the snow white’s story. Nandini recalls Darsh.

She says prince charming is just in fairy tales. Nandini gets Ritesh’s message. Ritesh says I arranged a job for you in Porbandar, I like your new name, Ishani. Vini asks new name. Nandini says Ritesh says anything, I got a job. Vini hugs her. Nandini thinks I will never go in front of Darsh, Nandini is dead for Darsh. Darsh thinks I will wait until things get fine between us. Charmy thinks I just came to talk to Rajvi, what’s happening. Vipul says I m going to tell truth to Darsh. Rajvi says no, doctor said Darsh can’t take stress for 6 months, its just 14 days. She argues with everyone. She says Darsh can lose his eyesight, we have to hide this from him, if we tell him the truth, he will break down, he can’t tolerate it, please. Chetan asks but will Charmy agree to become Nandini, what did you think before saying this.

Rajvi says I have no answer, I didn’t think of anything, I told this to save my son, I maybe selfish, isn’t every mum selfish for her child. Darsh says Nandini, I promise there won’t be any misunderstanding, will you give me a chance. He holds her hand and asks will you stay with me. Charmy says we will go inside and talk. He asks why are you going towards guest room. She says I don’t know where is my focus. She goes. He thinks why do I find her different than I imagined.

Nandini says I m getting late for interview. She gets a call from Bansuri. Bansuri says I was missing you, so I have called you. Nandini asks are you fine, are you taking medicines. Bansuri says yes, don’t worry. Nandini says you promised me, you won’t talk about them. Bansuri says I remember my promise. Naveen comes and asks her to stitch the button. He asks are you crying. Nandini disconnect. He asks whom were you talking. Bansuri says Hetal Maasi, she said everyone misses Nandini. He says yes.

Nandini says Nandini is dead now. Vipul asks how will you hide Nandini’s pics from Darsh. Rajvi says I m taking Darsh to Porbandar, you have to remove all of Nandini’s signs from Darsh, Parul its your responsibility. Vipul says you are playing with fire, how will you hide this. Darsh asks what. Rajvi hides the pics. Darsh says I can’t get freshen up, workers are cleaning my room, what were you all talking. Charmy comes. Rajvi says tears, my tears aren’t stopping. Darsh says how do you get so much tears, you got many stress lines on your forehead, its because of me, now I have come, when do we need to go to Porbandar. Rajvi says we will leave now. Darsh asks Charmy will you come.

Nandini and Vini come to a music school. Vini asks will you work here. Nandini greets Guru ji and says Ritesh spoke for my job. He sings and introduces himself as Mahesh. He asks her to sing along. Vini laughs. Nandini asks her to stop. She asks do I have to sing. Mahesh says I wanted a female singer, Ritesh told me that you sing well, you need a job. Nandini thinks I will see Ritesh, but I need a job. Charmy says no, I was thinking…. Darsh asks how did your accent change so much, you had a thick Gujarati accent. Charmy says mom…. He asks since when did you start calling her as mom, you always called her MIL. Rajvi worries.