Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Darsh and Nandini going for the meeting. They argue. He looks for biometrics. She asks what’s biometrics. She gets meaning on the google. She says its on your left, its fine, I don’t know few things. He enters the door. She says get me inside. The door gets locked. She gets Rajvi’s call. Rajvi asks did you reach. Nandini says yes. Rajvi says give cough medicines to Darsh, don’t let him talk much. Nandini says don’t worry for him. She gets angry and says Darsh went inside. Darsh sits on his chair. Assistant says client still needs to come. He hears the fire alarm. He says Nandini would be alone. He rushes out and looks for her. He shouts Nandini. Nandini says yes. Darsh goes to her and asks are you fine, fire caught up here. She sees him caring for her. She says there is no fire here, I m fine. He asks what. She asks the lady to put off the fire alarm. She says I m not so illiterate, I had rung the fire alarm. He says you know I was so scared. She looks at him.

He recalls their moments. He says you proved you are so clever. She says its not a bad thing to be clever, I don’t do anything wrong, I care for you, so I have come, tell me what to say in meeting. He says I don’t need your help. She asks him to take medicines, else she will call Rajvi. He takes medicines. They attend the meeting online. She says I m Darsh’s wife, he has a sore throat, so… I will talk on his behalf. Miranda says no worry, congrats for your marriage. Darsh says ask him what he thought about the deal. She asks about the land deal. He says I accept the quote, I got the area cleared, check the pic, sorry I forgot you can’t… She says its fine, I will see. Darsh asks what will you know seeing property pics. She checks the pics. She says we can’t buy this land.

Darsh asks who are you to decide this. Nandini says Rajvi asked me to help you. He says you cancelled the deal. She says you won’t understand me if I explain, you will shout, better we will go home and then tell Rajvi. He coughs. She gives him water. Gunjan sees Rakla and Nirali. Nirali goes. Gunjan pities him and says I can help you. She asks will you help me. She says its fine if you don’t want money, don’t give me attitude, what happened, I m bahu of Rawal family, I have ten to twenty lakhs in my bag. He says fine, give me money, I need it. She smiles. She insults him. He holds her hand. She scolds him. He taunts her and asks are you getting your husband’s love. She goes. Rajvi says I don’t know why my bahu took this decision, I will talk to her, please calm down. Darsh and Nandini come back. He says mom will know that you shouldn’t go to office. Rajvi asks what happened in the meeting, Miranda called me.

Darsh asks Nandini to give explanation now. Darsh thinks she ruined our reputation. Namrata taunts her. Nandini says its Rajvi’s right to question me. Rajvi asks why did you cancel the deal. Vipul comes and says its Miranda’s land deal, building had collapsed there. Nandini says so I cancelled the land deal, I knew it has quicksand there, I had seen this land before, I decided not to buy this land. Rajvi says we would have suffered a big loss, thanks Nandini, you are so smart and sharp, still you don’t want to become project head. Nandini signs no. Vipul shows the pic and says Nandini knew about the unique plant that’s near the quicksand, Nandini cancelled the lead, she is a genius. Darsh thinks Nandini is capable. Rajvi says I have made lunch reservation for newly weds, spend some alone time with your wives. Darsh looks for phone. Nandini goes to him. He leaves. She asks Shobit to give medicine to Darsh. He asks why don’t you give it yourself. She says he doesn’t listen to me. He says I will give it. He thinks Darsh’s throat will get better, but I won’t let his relation stay good.