Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Darsh running after Nandini and catching her. Some time back, Rajvi says Charmy had messaged me that Shobit has seen Darsh and her at the clinic, I knew he will come here. Darsh gets kulfi for Charmy. She says I don’t want to have it now. He says you are refusing for the kulfi. Charmy thinks of Rajvi’s words. She acts and takes the kulfi. He says you are my Nandini, I was in doubt before. She says time makes a person helpless to change. He says you are calling me Darsh now, I like Darsh, I m grateful that you came back, I got my eyesight back, I want to thank the donor’s family.

Chetan says Nandini had the donor details. Vipul says Charmy has agreed to stay as Nandini, but she has to learn Nandini’s behavior, we have to separate Darsh and Charmy. Vipul calls Darsh and says Rajvi didn’t like the ad jingle, have a meeting with the music director, drop Nandini home for the puja. Darsh says I heard someone’s voice here, its mindblowing, I will make things final and come with Nandini. Vipul worries.

Mahesh says your audition will happen now, one of you will be chosen. He asks Pooja to come with him. Nandini waits there. Gunjan gets angry on Bansuri. Shobit asks Gunjan to sit. He asks why did you talk to Bansuri like this, Bansuri would be heartbroken that Nandini died, I m her culprit also. Nandini says we will go and get the clothes changed at the shop. Vini says no, I m pain in my legs, you go. Nandini goes. Shobit says your comfort is my big priority, I will work hard. He cries and thinks I have to do something to save Darsh from another cheat.

Darsh and Charmy come to meet Mahesh. A man complains about a lady who has stolen things from his shop. Darsh looks for the studio. Nandini scolds the goon on call. She runs. Darsh sees her with the shopping bags in hand. He thinks she is the thief. He shouts stop. She says I don’t want to talk to him. She runs. He runs after her. He catches her and thinks she is running after doing a wrong thing. Nandini hits him and runs. Charmy asks Darsh what are you doing, you should stay away from stress, we are lucky that you got your eyesight back, its your responsibility to take care of your eyes. Nandini comes to the studio. Pooja goes to get water for her.

Shobit recalls Rajvi’s words. Nandini coughs. Mahesh asks what happened. Pooja says I gave her cold water, don’t know if she can sing or not. Nandini says but I didn’t drink the cold water, your plan was good, you did this intentionally. She scolds Pooja. Mahesh also gets angry on Pooja. Pooja goes. Mahesh asks will you be able to sing tomorrow. Nandini says yes, I acted to cough to teach that girl a lesson. Vini claps. Nandini goes for the audition. Charmy gets Shobit’s call. She says Bansuri is calling me. Darsh goes to the studio. He talks to Vipul. He praises the singer. Vipul says you can come Dwarka, we will find someone here. Darsh says I reached here, I will talk to her.

Vini sees Darsh and thinks to teach him a lesson. She says you can’t get my mum’s job. She argues with him. Vipul hears them. Vini says you are fooling me, I will not tell you about Mahesh, first sing and show me. He asks what nonsense, I will find Mahesh myself. She says first sing. He asks is it anything mandatory. She says you got scared. He says no, I will sing. He sings. She laughs. Vipul also laughs hearing him. He asks who is this girl who made you speechless. Vini says Mahesh is there, my mum’s job is secure. Darsh says don’t laugh dad, I can’t sing because of bad throat. Mahesh comes. Darsh says I m Darsh Rawal, Rawal sweets is ours.

Mahesh greets him. Darsh says we want a jingle for our company. Vini goes to Nandini. Darsh says I want you to make the same girl sing, who sang for the hospital. He sees the same bags. Mahesh says Vini’s mum is here. Darsh thinks Vini’s mum is a thief. Mahesh says I will make her sing the jingle. Darsh says no, you get any other singer, she should be a good person also. Vini looks on and thinks he snatched my mum’s job.