Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pandit taking the coconut. Goon pushes him. The plate falls. Pandit asks what are you doing. Goon apologizes. They replace the coconut. Everyone comes for the puja. Charmy asks Namrata not to talk to her in front of the family. Pandit asks Nandini to break the coconut. Nandini thinks the coconut doesn’t have water. She gets a call from Naveen. She keeps the coconut. Rajvi asks her to answer the call and come back soon. Nandini goes. She answers the call and asks is Bansuri fine. He says he is fine, I called you to talk urgently, a tempo mechanic was talking, it was filled with coconuts, he was talking of some blast, I don’t care if the family lives or dies, I called because there is a little girl in the family. Nandini asks what blast, tell me. She sees the goons running in the tempo. She stops the tempo.

She asks who are you all, what blast are you planning. The goons kidnap her. She shouts to Darsh. Pandit says mahurat is passing by. Darsh goes to see Nandini. Goons take Nandini in the truck. Darsh says she came to attend the call, don’t know where did she go. He calls her. Rajvi asks where is she. Darsh says I m finding her. Chetan says I will call Naveen and ask, his phone is off, I will call Bansuri. He calls Bansuri and asks are you fine, Naveen was calling Nandini, she was worried, did she come there, fine, just asking. Darsh says if Bansuri is fine, then where is Nandini. Rajvi says maybe she went to meet Naveen. Darsh says no, she won’t go leaving the puja, there is some problem, I m worried. Nandini frees herself. She says I have to inform the family. Pandit says mahurat is going to end. Darsh asks commissioner to find Nandini. Commissioner asks him not to worry. Namrata asks did goons run away, I hope they kidnapped Nandini. Rajvi asks Darsh to do the ritual, it will be abshagun, just break the coconut, Nandini will come. Nandini prays. She pushes the tempo door. She opens the door. She jumps down. The goons see her fallen down. Goon says take a turn, that girl has run away.

The goons hit their car to the tree. Nandini runs. Darsh says we should postpone the puja, we will do it when Nandini comes. Charmy says we can’t delay it. Darsh says I will just break the coconut and then go to find Nandini. Rajvi says okay. Nandini feels hurt. She runs on the road. She asks someone to give his phone. The man gives his phone. Nandini calls Darsh. Everyone stands in the prayers. Nandini gives the phone and runs to home. Darsh takes the coconut to break. Nandini reaches the house. She runs inside. Darsh is about to break the coconut. Nandini shouts stop Darsh.

Everyone turns to see her. Nandini runs and gets the coconut from his hand. She runs outside. Rajvi asks what happened. Darsh and everyone run after her to see. Nandini thinks what shall I do now. Darsh asks what’s wrong with you. Nandini says don’t come close, I have a bomb in my hand. She runs with the coconut. Everyone looks on shocked. Nandini falls down. The coconut falls there. Everyone gets shocked seeing the blast. Darsh shouts Nandini and runs to see. Vini worries. Shobit asks how did the bomb come, what’s happening. Darsh brings Nandini in her arms. Police and neighbors look on. Darsh and Rajvi cry seeing Nandini. Charmy asks was this your kidnappers’ plan, bomb, really, what will happen now. Everyone brings Nandini to the hospital. Darsh asks Nandini to get up. Doctor says she may respond after the surgery. Nandini’s mangalsutra falls there. Charmy picks it. Rajvi asks commissioner did he find out. He says no, how did they enter your house after security. Charmy says because they were factory workers. Shobit asks how do you know. Charmy says I m assuming, goons would have come as factory workers. Rajvi says yes, pandit was pushed, someone picked the coconut, maybe pandit remembers his face. Shobit says right. He calls the pandit. Charmy thinks goons will take Namrata and my name.