Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Darsh and Nandini go to their room. She says I have learnt braille well, right. He says yes. She asks did you like the sweets. He says yes. She moves back. He goes close to her. She gets a message. She says he has come. He asks who. He says Ritesh was going to come. She goes. He says he should have come after 5 mins. Rajvi asks Ritesh to have sweets. She says Ritesh taught braille to Nandini. Nandini signs Darsh. Rajvi smiles seeing them. Nandini teases him and smiles. Shobit comes. Ritesh says Darsh would know that its tough to learn Braille, I didn’t know that Nandini will learn it so soon and with ease, but she learnt. Shobit says she had to learn, when you are the teacher. Nandini says Ritesh used to come first in the class, he is very smart. Rajvi says so he is a doctor. Shobit thinks Darsh should be uncomfortable. Rajvi asks Nandini to give her hand to Darsh. She asks them to sit. She goes to serve dinner.

Vipul packs his bag. He says I have an imp meeting, whatever Nandini did today for Darsh, I got tears in my eyes, when we were against this alliance, just you supported Nandini, you proved you were right, none can love Darsh more than her. She says yes, I hope everything stays fine between them. Shobit comes to his room. Gunjan tries to talk. He says its a big mistake to leave battlefield during the war, did Ritesh go. She says Ritesh and Nandini were having a talk, he said he is going back to his village. Shobit rushes to Ritesh’s house. The man says I m the house owner, Ritesh left some time back. Shobit calls Ritesh and says how could he go, how will I take revenge of Charmy’s death.

Darsh jokes on Ritesh. Nandini makes a milkshake for him. She says Ritesh is a doctor. Shobit comes and asks did Ritesh leave. Nandini says yes. Rajvi comes and says who said that, Ritesh is here. Ritesh comes with his bags. Rajvi says I heard him telling Nandini that he is shifting due to water leakage in his house, I asked him to stay with us here. Shobit says wow, thanks mum, Ritesh became my friend also, I m happy he will stay here with us. He thinks now my work got more easy. He says welcome.

Its morning, Nandini asks Darsh to have biscuit. Ritesh asks why didn’t you give the last biscuit to me. He jokes. Rajvi also jokes on Vipul. They all laugh. Darsh says Ritesh talks irritating things sometimes. Rajvi says how cute, you got married now, we know Nandini isn’t a bad wife. She goes with Parul. Rajvi says Darsh gets possessive when its about Nandini, Vipul had a meeting with Mukesh, but Mukesh is with his family in Maldives. Parul says maybe Vipul went on a wrong date. Rajvi calls and asks about Vipul’s meeting. The manager says there is no such meeting. She says that’s okay, thanks. Rajvi says there is no meeting. She thinks why did he lie to me and go. Shobit asks Ritesh is the room comfortable. Ritesh says yes.

He gets a call. He goes. Shobit gets his photo album. Darsh comes there. He says what was the need for Ritesh to pass such comment. Shobit sees him and starts laughing. Darsh comes to him and asks what are you doing in guest room. Shobit says I came to settle Ritesh, I laughed seeing his childhood album. Darsh asks is there Nandini’s pic. Shobit says entire album is just of her pics, its cute pic, Ritesh and Nandini are flying a kite, they look so cute, their friendship is good. Darsh says its not good to see other people’s stuff. Ritesh sees Nandini upset. She says I couldn’t bake a cake well. He cheers her. Darsh comes and hears them. He gets jealous.

Nandini comes. Darsh calls her Naan Khatai. She asks what. He says I will call you butter Naan. She says don’t call me from such name, my dad named me Nandini. He says you like Nani bottle. She says who said I like it, I find it irritating. He says I find Ritesh irritating. She says I meant that nickname is irritating. He says yes. He thinks why am I thinking so much.