Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nandini saying I know you well, Darsh Rawal, you are really bad. Some time back. Nandini gets shocked seeing Darsh. He looks at her. She recalls their moments and cries. She asks how many fingers are these. He holds her hand and says we both are one since always. She imagines this. He asks why did you put water on me. She thinks how did he find me, no, this can’t happen. He thinks what a coincidence, its Nandini and my sign. He says sorry for your loss, Jhunjhunwala is no more, you are his daughter, right. She thinks he didn’t recognize me. He says I m Darsh Rawal, I couldn’t see since 3 years, but he donated his eyes to me, I can see now. She gets dizzy. He asks are you okay. She says yes. She feels intoxicated. He asks what happened to Jhunjhunwala, how did he die. She says Vini doesn’t know about her Nanu’s death, don’t say anything. She faints. He holds her. Vini comes home. He sees her. Vini asks how did you come here, what did you do her.

Darsh thinks it means Vini is Jhunjhunwala’s granddaughter. Vini worries for Nandini. She calls the neighbors for help. Darsh says relax, nothing happened to your mom, I didn’t do anything. Vini scolds him. He says stop this drama, help me, I will call the doctor. He says I didn’t think she will drink all day, how sad that Jhunjhunwala’s daughter is such. Charmy gets a call from hospital. She agrees for the home visit. She thinks I have to see the patient, its imp, leave will be granted from tomorrow. Rajvi asks her to go. Parul says Bansuri will know the sweets recipe. Rajvi says its possible.

Darsh says I have called a doctor. Vini asks what did you do, I m losing faith on humanity because of people like you. Darsh sees Jhunjhunwala’s pic and thinks I wish you weren’t my donor, I wish you could see me as CEO with my eyesight back. Vini says that’s my teddy bear’s pic, he has gone to London else he would have put you in jail. Nandini gets up. Darsh says I m Darsh Rawal, I m a friend of your father. Vini says liar, my teddy bear’s friends have white hair. Nandini recalls Darsh’s words. She holds his collar and says I know you. He thinks why do I feel that I have always heard her voice. Vini says don’t get scared, tell me, what did he do. Nandini says I know you, Darsh Rawal, owner of Rawal sweets, you have a big company and a small heart, you are a very bad person. He thinks she is getting on my head.

Nandini scolds him. He asks do you know me. She says don’t I know you, marriage… He asks did you come in my marriage, but Jhunjhunwala’s uncle wasn’t here. She says I made a big mistake of my life. She gets hiccups. He gets water. He feeds her. She faints again. Bansuri says I don’t know any recipe. She ends call. Vanlata looks on. She argues with Bansuri. Bansuri says Parul was asking Nandini’s recipe. Vanlata asks Gunjan to come fast. She says I got a chance to fit you in Rawal house, make sweets and take for them. Gunjan laughs.

She says I can’t make tea. Vanlata says go and talk to them to keep Shobit back, then you can go back. Darsh asks Nandini to have curd. He says you will feel better, have it, I had come to thank your dad. She says you are a bad man. He says you don’t know me. She says you don’t want to go, you thought I m a problem in your life. He asks what did you say. She says you are a bad man. He says fine, have this curd. Vini says when will doctor come, I will complain to police if anything happens to her. Darsh says have some water. Nandini says go away. Darsh throws water on her face. Charmy comes there and rings the bell.

Darsh says thank God doctor has come. Vini stops him and argues. He opens the door. He doesn’t see anyone. Nandini says I thought to never come in front of Darsh, why did we cross paths again. Vini says there is no doctor here. Charmy hides. Darsh goes and shuts the door. Charmy says Darsh had gone to meet Vini’s mum, its good I saw Darsh’s car outside, don’t know how serious is the patient, I can’t do back. Nandini says he thinks I m Jhunjhunwala’s daughter, how didn’t he recognize me, my pics will be there in his house.