Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nandini meeting Toral near the idol. She asks who are you, what are you doing here. Rajvi prays at home. She worries. Toral says that doctor will feed me tablets and kill me. Rajvi says why did Toral’s name came out after many years. Nandini asks shall I drop you somewhere. Toral cries. Nandini asks where is your house. She thinks she is mentally unstable, don’t know what happened with her. Toral says I don’t want to go home. Nandini calms her down. Rajvi says we should tell everything to the family, but how will I tell, I can’t tell. Vipul says I got a call, someone has seen her in the jungle area, I will go and find her. She says I will come along. Darsh asks where are you going. Vipul says we are thinking to visit our old business friend, he is unwell. Darsh asks who. Vipul says you don’t know him, Darshan Kothari. Darsh says I know everyone. He thinks. Vipul says we had dealings with him much time before. He asks Rajvi to stay back at home. Rajvi says fine. Darsh goes to see Nandini.

Rajvi wishes Vipul finds Toral. Nandini looks for Toral. Rajvi stays lost. Darsh asks are you fine, why do you look lost. She says I m fine. Charmy asks did Nandini get the soil, sorry I couldn’t go due to the skin reaction. Parul says I have seen it for the first time, uptan doesn’t harm the skin unless something is added in it. Charmy says no, my skin is sensitive. Nandini comes home with the soil. Parul says I will divide this soil. Darsh asks why did you get so late. Nandini says I had….. Vini gets his childhood toy. Darsh says I don’t remember it. Parul asks Nandini and Charmy to make kuldevi toy. Vipul says we have to take her back there. Chetan says I m worried for Rajvi, she stays worried because of Toral. Rajvi calls Vipul. The man says I didn’t find her anywhere. Vipul scolds him. He apologizes. He says we have to find Toral, its really imp. Chetan says Darsh and Nandini have seen Toral’s pic, I hope Toral doesn’t come in front of them.

Nandini makes the idol. Charmy hides her idol. She buys an idol from the market. Shobit comes. He shuts the door. He asks did you buy this idol, you know the person has to make it by hands. Charmy thinks how does he always come on wrong time. She says sorry, I don’t know to make an idol, if I make it bad, then it will be your insult also. He asks really, you care for me. She says I get irritated because of this pregnancy, I feel I m a burden on this family, I had to leave everything and come to stay here. He says you don’t think of all that, don’t get angry all the day, I feel your love for me has ended, I won’t tell anyone about the idol. She hugs him and thinks I have to behave well with Shobit.

Nandini goes to bring the idol. She doesn’t see her idol. Darsh asks what happened. She says I made the idol, I went inside, the idol disappeared, its abshagun, this puja is imp for me, I thought to do puja well and get blessing to become a mum. Darsh says there is still soil left, we will make a new idol. They make the idol. He asks her not to worry. She says you are the best and hugs him. Charmy asks why didn’t Nandini come, I hope nothing happened to her idol. Parul says I will go and see. Darsh and Nandini bring the idol. Charmy thinks my plan never works. Vini says its a pretty idol. Toral walks towards the house. Rajvi is worried. The family does the puja.