Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 26th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Chetan saying we have no way left now, we have to leave the house. Rajvi comes and says I decided, I won’t sign the property papers. Chetan asks how can you do this. Parul says fine, keep the property, we will still go. Rajvi says just as I thought, its not about property, Parul said she doesn’t want the property, tell me what is it, why do you want to leave the house, its Darsh’s birthday today, will you give him this gift. Darsh comes and asks what. Parul asks him to always be happy, healthy and successful in life. She wishes him. Chetan says happy birthday Darsh, do you know what will Vipul gift you.

Darsh says no, is it imp to celebrate the birthday. Rajvi says we always did. Darsh goes. Rajvi says stay back until his birthday party, else his special day will get spoiled. Parul says sure. Rajvi goes. Chetan says you stay, I will talk to Naveen. Nandini says Ritesh fixed a video call with the doctor, I thought to tell Rajvi, she can talk to the doctor. He says no, you surprise them. She says the idea is well, once Darsh and Rajvi know it, they will be so happy. She thanks him.

He asks her to go to Ritesh’s clinic. She goes. Chetan looks on. Shobit sees the flowers. He thinks of Charmi. He shouts on the servant and asks him to change the roses, get lilies, Charmy’s death changed me, what did I become, I hate myself. Chetan says Charmy liked lilies right. Shobit says anyone can like lilies. Charmy is on the way. She says I never thought I will come back to Dwarka, I hope I don’t meet Shobit. She sees his pic. Nandini talks to the doctor. He says I will get back to you with the dates. She thanks him and says I will send you the sweets. Ritesh talks to the doctor. Nandini imagines Darsh getting his eyesight back. He says you are more beautiful than I imagined. He hugs her. The imagination ends. She thanks Ritesh. He asks her to accompany him. Darsh says Nandini could have informed me and go, I can’t talk to her and hurt. Shobit comes and hugs him. He wishes him. He apologizes. Darsh says its fine, we will go out, I will get the camera.

Shobit says Nandini went to invite Ritesh. Darsh asks why did she go, Ritesh knows about the party. Chetan looks on. Shobit says I don’t know. Chetan says why did Shobit lie to Darsh, he knows that Nandini had gone to get a gift for Darsh. Ritesh and Nandini come to the park. He says you pretend as Kinjal, Shobit was coming, I m getting nervous, I will practice the proposal. She laughs. The lady says madam has reached Dwarka, she had gone to the park for some work, then she will come to take her sister.

Bansuri thinks to inform Chetan. She calls Chetan. Chetan says I will go there and try to talk to that girl, you stay here and keep Rajvi engaged. Parul worries. Chetan says Shobit is behaving weird. She asks what happened. He says nothing. Ritesh proposes Nandini. Darsh clicks pic. She laughs and goes. Shobit sees them. Ritesh says I won’t practice if you laugh. She says sorry, I m Kinjal. Shobit thinks I knew that Darsh will come here, so I kept the practice here. He makes Darsh stumble. He asks Darsh to sit. He takes the camera. He clicks the pics. He signs a man. The man jogs and pushes Nandini towards Ritesh. Ritesh holds Nandini in arms. The man says really sorry. Shobit clicks their pics. Darsh says its light pain, I will be fine. Shobit says we will go.

Nandini asks Ritesh not to get angry. Charmy comes there. Shobit takes Darsh. He sees Charmy from behind and thinks of her.