Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shobit asking Darsh to confess love to Nandini. Darsh calls Nandini and asks her to meet. Some time back, Darsh says I can never see Nandini, I can’t see her face, her hair, her eyes, its unfair, I want to see her once. He prays to Lord. He hears the RJ. He puts Nandini’s pic on the laptop. He says RJ Kartik, I got her pic on my laptop, I can’t say how she looks, how beautiful she is, I m not able to see her, I just can’t see. He asks Lord to give his eyes for two mins, he won’t ask for anything else. He cries and says I never felt so helpless, its first time that I feel that accident didn’t happen with me.

Shobit comes and looks on. He cries. Darsh says I wish I could see Nandini. Shobit thinks so sorry. I wish I could end your pain. He goes. Nirali says Darsh isn’t at fault, he had hidden the matter on my saying, Parul told the truth to mum and dad, they don’t want to see me now. Ragla says but we had to tell them about our marriage, don’t forget your parents for love. She hugs him and says I m much scared, if my parents separate us then. He says don’t worry, this won’t happen. He hugs her. He thinks I trapped you seeing your dad’s jewellery shop. She gets a call and goes. Gunjan gets a bottle in hand. She goes to hit Nirali.

Ragla stops Gunjan. Gunjan scolds him. He says its my wish, I will decide who will marry, you are better, but that girl is rich, his dad is a jeweller, what would I get by marrying you. Gunjan asks is money everything. Ragla says yes, don’t be around my wife again, get lost. Gunjan says you opened my eyes, I eloped with you, dad got insulted because of me. She cries. She says I will marry a rich guy. Ragla says don’t be around my wife. Nirali looks on and thinks who was that girl. Shobit talks to Charmy. He says I don’t know what to do, whom to talk. Parul and everyone ask Darsh where is his smile, will he not celebrate birthday with him if mum didn’t wish him. They all wish him happy birthday. Darsh says mom made this kheer for Shobit, right.

Shobit smiles. He asks Jeenal did mom make it. Jeenal says who else make it so well. Darsh feeds it to Shobit. Vipul says Rajvi loves Shobit the most. Shobit says I will have it. Darsh says I will also have it, come, I have to talk, you are a birthday boy, its special day, what do you want this time. Charmy says tell him to speak to mom about our marriage. Shobit asks will you give me whatever I ask. Darsh says of course. Shobit says go and tell your feelings to Nandini, nothing is imp to me than your happiness, go and tell her, let her decide what she wants. Charmy gets upset.

Its morning, Bansuri is smiling. Nandini asks what’s the matter. Bansuri says Naveen saw me making rotis and got a new roti tong for me, he got this for me, its his love, he couldn’t see me hurt. She tells about love, one fights the world in love, one doesn’t get sleep, why are you asking me, do you have to write a book on love. Nandini says no. She recalls Darsh. She says I also didn’t tolerate when wrong was happening with Darsh, I fought with Shamika. She gets Darsh’s call. Darsh says I knew she will not answer. She answers. He says I have to meet you now. She asks why, where to meet. Mrs. Patel talks to the newspaper editor.

She gets inside a car. She sees Nandini. Darsh is in the driver’s seat. He says the doors won’t open until I want, I heard you are going to publish our news that I got engaged to someone else, not Nirali. He threatens them and tells the accident news will come in the newspaper, since a blind man was driving. Mrs. Patel says you have gone mad, somebody help me. Nandini thinks what is he thinking. She recalls Darsh asking for her help to prove someone’s blame wrong. He asks her to sit in the car. FB ends. Darsh says its going to be adventurous ride, I want to know the truth, we know the blame on Nandini is wrong, who had sent Tosha to our house. Nandini thinks if Mrs. Patel tells about Gunjan, then Gunjan will be defamed. Mrs. Patel says I had sent Tosha to your place, Nandini isn’t at fault, the lady who sent her is Vanlata Parekh. Nandini gets shocked. Darsh asks why did you do this. Mrs. Patel says your mum had insulted me a lot, I wanted to prove that Rajvi won’t let you marry a blind girl. He scolds her. She asks him to open the door. Rajvi comes.