Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Maid asking Nandini to forget it, Saas will scold a bit. Nandini gets sad. She gets a message on the tablecloths. She says Darsh is dreaming. Maid says Nandini had helped me a lot when my husband used to beat me. Rajvi asks what. Maid says I left his house by listening to Nandini, I m alive today because of her. Rajvi thinks why is Nandini doing this with Namrata. Vini says I have to sleep with Nandini. Parul worries. Chetan says Vini is a kid, she is habitual to be with Nandini. Parul says we don’t know if Nandini will have any objection to give Vini to us. Parul says I just wish that Nandini agrees. He says yes. Nandini asks if anyone got this, then…. Darsh says we have no option now, everyone knows you are going to kiss me tonight. She asks what. He says I m mad in your love. He shows the horoscope. He says stars have also guaranteed romance today. She says never. He says I will take a kiss today. She smiles. He shuts the door. He says you said that you want to see if nose collides in a french kiss, we will check today. She says no. Vini opens the door and comes in. She says I m going to sleep here. Nandini says good.

He says make Vini sleep and come to storeroom, I want a kiss today. Vini asks what are you saying bad about me. He says no, I can’t dare. He goes. Darsh decorates the storeroom. Vini doesn’t sleep. She says I have grown up, tell me panther’s story. Darsh messages Nandini. She chats. Vini sleeps. Nandini leaves. Charmy comes in the storeroom. Darsh says you…. She sees the decorations. He says you here at this time. She thinks I heard you talking to Nandini, its my right to love my lovers. She says sorry, I didn’t know you are… He says yes, wait. She says Rajvi wants to weave some wool, I came to find it. He says I don’t know, you can search it. She says no need, you carry on, what happened to the door, its not opening.

Nandini comes. She hears Charmy. She says Charmy… Charmy says I m here with Darsh, we got locked here. Darsh checks. Charmy thinks this door won’t open. Charmy says we won’t get any carpenter at this time, what a problem. Nandini and Darsh try to open the door. She says I will call Chetan. Darsh says no need, I will do something. Charmy sees the chocolates and says I m feeling dizzy, sugar is low, these chocolates are for Nandini, right. He says that’s okay, you eat it if your health isn’t fine. Nandini calls the carpenter. She says his phone is off. Darsh says its not opening, you go and take rest, I will do something.

Nandini says I will sit here. He asks will you sit here till morning, you kept a fast, go, I will manage. Charmy acts unwell. Darsh asks her not to panic. Nandini asks Rajvi to come fast. Everyone comes there. Darsh says door is jammed, Charmy isn’t able to breath. Chetan says we will break the door, call Shobit. Nandini says he went to the police station. Darsh shouts call a doctor. Charmy says I m getting dizzy. She acts to faint. Darsh asks her to get up. He says Charmy fell unconscious. Darsh tries to help. He says I don’t understand anything, her pulse is weak. Rajvi says you took training in swimming championship. He says yes, I will do. Rajvi says her state is dangerous, you have to give mouth to mouth respiration. Charmy thinks I will get a kiss from you today. Nandini worries.