Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rajvi getting shocked. Shobit tells her everything. Rajvi recalls her words to Nandini. She sits in shock. Vipul says I m sorry, Shobit already told us about it, Darsh was with us, so I couldn’t tell you. She asks why are we believing Shobit, he can’t be trusted, Nandini is alive, I will get her. Vipul says Shobit is saying the truth, Nandini is no more. Shobit says sorry mom, I made a mistake. Rajvi beats him. Vipul says its not his mistake if she met with a car accident. She shouts its his mistake, he ruined my other son’s life, I have raised a snake. She cries.

She says Nandini didn’t deserve this, why didn’t you die, I lost Nandini because of your mistake, I doubted my bahu, I scolded her so much, she would have got shattered thinking I didn’t trust her, its because of me, but Shobit will be more responsible for her death. She says sorry Nandini, forgive me. Jhunjhunwala says I will be very happy to donate eyes to Darsh. Nandini says you have to get fine for Vini. He says I know I won’t be alive. He takes the consent form and signs. He says Nandini, I will regret that I m leaving Vini alone. She says no, I m with her, she regarded me her mum, I will stay with her, you don’t lose courage. He says Kanha ji had sent you to Vini, I did a business of profit all my life, even today, I won’t get a loss, call my lawyer once and talk to him. He dies. Nandini goes out. Vini asks can we take teddy bear home. Nandini says doctor asked him to take rest. Doctor comes to Nandini. He says we can proceed with Darsh’s operation. Nandini asks where is Darsh.

She meets Darsh. He is sleeping. She says your eyes will soon come back, you will see everything well, but it will be too late to see the truth, I will never come back to you, you should learn to trust before loving someone. She cries. She says you are Ritesh’s friend, you are like my friend also, I trust you to say this, I don’t want to come in front of Darsh and Rawal family, I m going to make a new start of my life, never tell anyone that I have come here. Doctor asks but why. She says no woman doesn’t leave her family for a small issue, my reason would be big, please don’t ask anything, don’t tell anyone. She takes Vini. She goes out and cries. Vini says mumma, come. Nandini recalls Darsh. She thinks Darsh has left from my life. Vini says teddy bear said he will go to London when my mum comes, he promised to get toys for me. Nandini says she told the same to me. Vini says I didn’t give my toy list to him. Nandini says yes. Gaye jaa….plays….. Vini says I will teach you everything.

Darsh wakes up. He calls out Nandini. Rajvi is on the way with family. They don’t see Nandini passing by. Chetan asks Darsh to come. Darsh says I sensed Nandini here, I can’t be wrong, let me meet her. Chetan thinks she can’t be here, she is no more. He says it would be a misunderstanding, lie down here. Darsh asks did Shobit get Nandini home. Chetan makes an excuse and goes. Darsh says it means Nandini is angry on me, I will punish myself, but convince her, I will win her heart. Chetan says Darsh thinks Nandini was in her room some time back. Vipul asks how will we tell him, he will break down. Rajvi cries. Vipul says he is already in guilt. Rajvi says he can’t tolerate this shock, his surgery… we can’t change it, Nandini left us, but Darsh can get his eyesight back, we won’t tell him, take Nandini home, she is our bahu, her bidaai will happen from our house.