Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Darsh asking Nandini is her marriage registration done. She says no, check again. The man says your registration is done with Mohan Patel. Darsh says she is my fiancee, check again, there maybe some mistake. Nandini cries. He asks why are you crying. She says I m saying the truth, I m not cheating you. He says I trust you, I m sure that there will be a some mistake, come, relax. They come home. Bansuri asks her to stop crying. Nandini asks whose name was it. Mohan’s friend asks how did you get the name registered, guy and girl have to go together, right. Mohan says I had bribed Desai and got my name with Nandini, once I pay Vanlata’s EMI, I will give the invite in the locality, Mohan weds Nandini.

Darsh asks how did Rajvi go to Rajkot suddenly. Vipul says she has gone to visit an ashram. Chetan says she had made a mannat there. Darsh is on the way. He asks Rajvi to come back soon, make a rakshasutra for Nandini also. Shobit drives. Mohan sees Rawals’ cars going and calls his friend. He asks his friend to find out why are the Rawals going to their locality. Naveen and Bansuri welcome Rawals home. Nandini greets everyone. Naveen says I asked Baa not to come in front of them. Vipul says Rajvi has gone to Guru ji, she will come soon. Gunjan lies on the ground to take blessings. Vipul says its okay. Naveen says she is young, she doesn’t know. He stops Gunjan. Gunjan says you have problem if i become Sanskari. Vipul says we met Nandini before, I want to talk to Gunjan once for Shobit’s sake. Gunjan says yes. Shobit thinks if dad doesn’t like Gunjan, then Darsh and Nandini’s alliance can’t happen. He asks shall I go and talk to Gunjan. Naveen says why not, go and talk, you have to spend life together. Darsh and Nandini talk via gestures. Naveen asks don’t you have to talk to Darsh, you also go with him. Mohan gets the call. Ramlik says your dream is ruined, Nandini’s relation is getting fixed with Darsh. Mohan says this can’t happen, Vanlata promised me. Ramlik says Gunjan is getting married to Shobit. Mohan says I don’t care about her, I won’t let Nandini’s relation happen. Darsh and Nandini have a moment.

She teases him. She says sorry. He says its okay. He asks him to say something. She talks about the cow. He smiles. She says I m in tension. He says my family is chilled out, don’t worry. She says but you are groom’s family. He says yes, I should behave like a groom, do you know cooking, you make good sweets, you do know singing, sing a song, come on. She says I will not fulfill demand, but I like to sing, I will sing. She sings. He laughs and says sorry, sing.

Gunjan asks Shobit to talk to her. She says you cam to meet me, but didn’t talk to me, are you shy. Nirali comes home with Ragla. Parul asks how did you get hurt. Ragla says its my mistake, she is rich but I m poor, how can I give her a good life. Nirali says don’t blame yourself. He says I will take you when I get a good job. He asks them to keep Nirali with them. Nirali says I can’t stay without you. She asks Parul can she keep them in her house. Parul says you think you will be permitted to enter this house after what you did with Darsh, go and tell dad, he will make arrangements for you. Nirali says dad doesn’t want to help, please help me.

Parul asks them to go. Dada says we can’t leave Nirali in the tough time, keep them in the outhouse, I will give him a job in the sweets factory. Ragla says I will earn money and take Nirali with me. He thinks I will stay here forever. Nandini sings. Darsh smiles. Shobit sees them happy together. He smiles and thinks nothing is more than his happiness. Gunjan asks don’t you want to ask anything. He says no. She asks his answer. He says come with me. Darsh jokes. Shobit says I like Gunjan, I m ready to marry. Nandini thinks there won’t be any tension on Bansuri and Naveen. Mohan is on the way. His bike breaks down. He parks the bike and runs. Darsh says Shobit likes Gunjan. Naveen talks to Rawals. Charmy calls Shobit. He thinks Charmy, forgive me.