Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Nandini arguing with the moneylenders. Vini gets the candy floss. The man says 4.5 crores loan is a big thing, maybe you don’t know. Nandini tells them the legal things. She says I have evidence, the way you are troubling us, it may reach the court, but first it will reach your wives, they will not spare you, don’t trouble us now. She takes Vini inside the house. The man says we will see how you get money in 2 days, if you don’t pay instalment, I will see how you save yourself and your daughter. Vini hugs her. They eat the candy floss. Rajvi and entire family cry during Nandini’s tervi. Nandini fixes a lamp. She says girls can do anything that boys go, get ready for school. Nandini says its imp to go to school. Vini gets upset and goes. Nandini thinks I have to pay school fees today, how shall I arrange money.

Gunjan is at Naveen’s house. She misses Rawal house. Shobit comes home. He says I don’t have Darsh’s guidance, I couldn’t prepare well. Gunjan says its Nandini’s tervi today, how long will they hide about her death from Darsh. Shobit says get ready, we will go there, we don’t stay there but they are our family. Gunjan smiles. He says I couldn’t get a chance to ask for punishment. He cries.

Nandini meets someone and says you took loan from Jhunjhunwala, you didn’t pay the money. The man says I heard he went to London, he won’t come back, I don’t remember I took the loan. She scolds him. He laughs and asks who are you. She says I m Jhunjhunwala’s daughter Ishani, I m inheritor of his property. He asks him to get out. She goes live and tells about Mr. Ahuja, he is defaulter of 20 lakhs. He asks her to stop it. He says I will pay the instalment right now, stop it. She takes the money. She says next time, come home and pay the instalments, I won’t come to ask. She leaves.

Rajvi says I made all this myself. Vipul says Darsh can’t come in the last rasam. Darsh pays money to the hospital staff. Shobit and Gunjan come home. Rajvi drops the food plate down. She scolds Shobit. Shobit feels bad. Darsh recalls Shobit and says why did you do this, don’t know we will have the old bond or not. Rajvi says Gunjan, you can come here anytime, but Shobit will not step here again. Shobit cries. Nandini reaches some companies to give an interview. She says I m not getting a job anywhere. She goes to Vini’s school. Vini gets dizzy. Nandini asks why are you standing outside. Vini asks is fees very imp, if anyone is poor, then can’t she go to school. Nandini says no. Vini asks why did they punish me to stand outside. Nandini hugs her and takes her. Shobit asks Gunjan to stay back. Gunjan thinks I can’t leave my husband and stay back. She says how can I go without you. They leave. Darsh comes home.

Darsh gets the food plate outside and thinks they got to know that I m coming. Nandini gets the police to the school. She scolds the teacher for punishing Vini. She tells it to principal. She says you talk to me, what’s the need to punish the girl. She says I will clear the pending case, I have filed the police case for doing wrong with kids, I have no tolerance against the wrong, I stopped giving second chances. Darsh says I will meet Nandini first.