Agar Tum Na Hote 1st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Abhimanyu clapping his hands mentions he is really happy that Niyati got engaged, then the Pandit jee asks them both to take the blessings of their elders, they kneel in front of Lata didi when Abhimanyu rushes to hug both Ram and Sulochana hugging how he is really happy, they both recall the old times when he would come to them, Abhimanyu once again exclaims he is really happy, Niyati calls Aanad exclaiming she is feeling really worried because she feels he might get an attack when Aanad exclaims she is just over thinking because he always tends to get the attacks because of anger but today is happy, she must not be worried about him, Abhimanyu coming questions why is Niyati not satisfied even when he is happy, she replies he seems a little to happy, so he going to the guests asks them how much do they think he is satisfied, he turns to ask Aanad but in the process drops the tray from the waiter, apologizing exclaims he is getting a little too excited so also asks Abhimanyu to calm down, Abhimanyu however replies they have also started talking the same after getting engaged, as one needs to get happy at the time of the engagement.

Abhimanyu’s father asks Savita if she knows the house of Niyati, she says she knows, he orders her to take him there, Manaroma thinks it would not be good for either Abhimanyu or Ram and Sulochana, she opens her eyes and stops her husband requesting him to not go, he sitting beside her exclaims she is now fine then why is she stopping him, she explains if he goes then it would ruin everything as he is really angry with him and is in love with Niyati so if he tries to stop him then he would only insist, however Abhimanyu’s father questions why is she stopping her, Kumkar is also not able to understand exclaiming he knows she would have gone herself but now is stopping everyone, Savita suggests that she can go to bring Abhimanyu when his father in anger stops her saying how would his son listen to a nurse, Manaroma exclaims he would listen to her if she says that his mother is ill, she sends Savita away but is not able to see Kumkar who is tensed. Manaroma sits down holding her head.

Abhimanyu in the party exclaims he is really happy, he mentions their cannot be a party without any music so starts dancing, he even asks Aanad to come and dance, then goes to the stage bringing Niyati down to the dance floor, he starts dancing with her while she doesnot even want to dance, Ram after some while separates them both exclaiming what sort of heinous behaviour is this, he is about to slap Abhimanyu but Niyati stops him, Savita comes running to Abhimanyu, she reveals that his mother has gotten ill, Abhimanyu while laughing mentions it is because he came to this function without telling her, so his mother got ill because of him, he asks Niyati is she heard his mother got ill because of him, he leaves smiling. Niyati also tries to go after him, but Aanad stops saying that she is off duty when she replies that he has gotten an attack and who knows what he might do in such a scenario, they are still now handling his case so must take care of him, Aanad mentions he agrees with what Niyati is saying because they must take care of him, Aanad and Niyati both leave which worries Ram.

Manaroma is with the doctor who explains that she got dizzy because of stress but there is nothing to worry about and he is going to prescribe some medicine, Manaroma is constantly looking at the door when Buzo suddenly starts barking, Abhimanyu enters the gate smiling, Manaroma hugs him when he exclaims that he is fine and really happy with the engagement of Niyati, he hugs her and mentions that he feels fine. Manaroma asks him to calm down as there is nothing to be worried about.

Aanad is in the car with Niyati thinking of how Abhimanyu was dancing with Niyati, he is not able to overcome it all, Niyati apologizes to him saying she knows this day was really important for him but it got ruined when Aanad reveals this day was important for both of them, he assures her there is no need to take such stress, Niyati replies how can she not take any stress as she just desired to cure him but his health is deteriorating because she decided to get married, Aanad assures her that everything would be fine, as he had already contact the doctor who would have reached the house and will surely manage to calm down Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu is constantly laughing when the doctor requests him to take the medicine as then he would clam down, he however replies he is fine but really happy for Niyati and needs to get some sleep, the doctor assures he would be able to fall asleep faster, Abhimanyu leaves.

Sulochana sitting with Ram, mentions she felt really bad after seeing Abhimanyu in such a condition, she exclaims he is really good looking because she took care of him when he was an infant and he had considered her as his mother even before Niyati was born, she mentions they both were looking really good together just as the day when they were married and if he was mentally fit today then Niyati’s engagement would be with him, Ram advises her to forget the past otherwise she would ruin the present and future of Niyati, Ram exclaims they cannot ruin the future of their daughter, Sulochana asks what about the decision in the past which he took, and what impact did it have on his daughter.

Aanad and Niyati reach the house when Abhimanyu’s father asks the servant to take Buzo out, Aanad asks how Abhimanyu is, Dr Shukla exclaims he is fine as he has been given the medicine, Niyati tries to rush to his room when she is stopped, Niyati sees the pill on the staircase.

Ram tries to insist that the decision which they have taken today is the right one however Sulochana says that he doesnot want to see because no matter how hard they all try to separate Abhimanyu and Niyati, they tend to come together, and now even after being engaged with Aanad she is now with Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu lying down on the bed exclaims he cannot bear the happiness that Niyati got engaged, he takes up the ed sheet making it into a hanging rope, Niyati knocks on the door asking him to open it, the rest of the members also come however he doesnot listen, Niyati looks into the room through the keyhole, she is shocked to see he is trying to take his life.

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