Agar Tum Na Hote 26th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ram holds his hand explaining he cannot send Niyati to Abhimanyu, Manaroma explains she knows his fear as a father but they should accept this that what Niyati is doing thinking it her duty is actually the debt which she is repaying, Manaroma leaves when Ram and Sulochana both are really worried, Aanad enters the house from behind, Sulochana is shocked to see him, Aanad stands straight in front of ram, Sulochana questions when did he come asking if he is alright, Aanad exclaims this is what he wants to find out mentioning he has listened to everything which they both were talking with Manaroma, so what is the truth behind the relationship of Niyati and Abhimanyu.

Niyati requests Abhimanyu to allow her to inject him, he however exclaims that if he allows her to inject him then she will once again leave him, Niyati assures that until his treatment is completed, she will not go anywhere, Abhimanyu agrees to allow her to inject him, he falls asleep after the injection, Niyati covers him with the sheet, she recalls how he exclaimed he really loves her, she picks up her bag to leave.

Kumkar is sitting when Manaroma also comes to the house asking Niyati what the condition of Abhimanyu is, Niyati replies that he is fine now, but she always kept on ignoring his feelings and instead of realizing it was the truth she kept on thinking that it was just a laughing stock, Manaroma replies this is destiny, Niyati questions what does she mean, Manaroma exclaims that she doesnot know they both should have met together.

Aanad questions both Ram and Sulochana what is the truth which they are hiding and also that they knew Manaroma jee, Aanad assure he would reveal to Niyati that her parents are hiding some big secret from her, Ram however requests him to not say anything to her as otherwise her past would ruin the future life.

Manaroma mentions if she is the reason of the pain in which Abhimanyu is then this is actually something to be really worried about, Niyati exclaims she knows this is a thing to worry about as Abhimanyu is chasing a dream thinking of it as the truth and this happened after her marriage got fixed with Dr Aanad, she doesnot want him to get in any more pain, A man standing from behind mention then she should not come from tomorrow, Kumkar seeks the blessing of his brother in law, Manaroma tries to explain it is not like what he is thinking, Niyati tries to explain when Gajendar says how did she think that his son would fall in love with a nurse, Manaroma tries to explain it is not the case however Gajendar going to her exclaims she has trapped Abhimanyu so that he will marry her and she has proved to be an opportunist, they are also known with a lot of names in the world, she can never think of marrying her son when Manaroma tries to say something but Gajendar says that she has no match with his son, she has no match for their family.

Ram explains that the relationship between Abhimanyu and Niyati was arranged in their childhood and he was a friend of Gajendar, they both lived together in the village and had a good relation but it all got ruined twenty years ago when things took a turn for the worst, he explains that Abhimanyu and Niyati both were the best of friends and if one got hurt then the other would feel the pain but this is all in the past, he only told him because Aanad is about to marry her so has the right to know about everything.

Gajendar questions Niyati the amount of money she would take to leave the life of his son, he knows exactly what she is worth, Manaroma requests him to not be so harsh that when he comes to know the truth he would not even be able to apologize, Gajendar explains she might have forgotten his reputation as everyone in UP knows him, he tries to warn Niyati but she asks him to stop it, she mentions everyone would know him in UP and he has a lot more wealth then her but he doesnot have any right to talk to her like this, he has not only questioned her but also the upbringing of her parents which she cannot bear, Gajendar exclaims she can leave when Niyati asks Manaroma to hire another nurse, she even asks her to take care of Abhimanyu since he needs her the most, she even kneels to Buzo who comes to her, she leaves.

Ram exclaims this love of Abhimanyu and Niyati was seen by their elder and she suggested that if they both love each other then why should they not get them married, Gajendar exclaims what is the need to get them married now as they are really young but she explains this is the ritual of their village, then they also got them both married while Abhimanyu and Niyati thought it was just a game, they thought they would reveal the truth after they got older but soon after it, Gajendar got in a fight with someone really strong from their village.

Niyati is walking alone on the streets thinking how Gajendar said that she is the one who trapped his son in her trap and now is trying to marry him.

Ram explains that fights are like a fire which spread and soon Gajendar ended up killing him after which they were forced to run away from the village, he ended up coming to Mumbai where he settled, he tried very hard to find his friend but was not able to, he also was not able to reveal the truth because of what happened. He finally saw Manaroma when he came with his mother for the proposal, however he got shocked to see her with Abhimanyu, being a father how can he marry her daughter with someone who is like Abhimanyu, what future can she have with a person who if lost his temper can even take the life of Niyati, this is why he came back without meeting Manaroma and agreed to his marriage with Niyati, Sulochana exclaims they have arranged her marriage but ever since her childhood they would think how they have made a mistake but after seeing Abhimanyu realised the extent of it, Ram assures he will not put the wrongs of his on his daughter, Ram requests Aanad to never leave the side of his daughter as she will not be able to find anyone better then him, he must forget she got married in her childhood but must think he loves her and they both have been arranged to get married, Aanad exclaims love is on one side but such a big truth has effects and even Niyati doesnot know anything about it, he loves Niyati but after knowing the truth it is hard for him to finest, Sulochana request him to not do this as Niyati might break down after knowing the truth, this is not good for their relation, Aanad asks them to understand he cannot hide such a big truth from her, he turns to leave however is stunned after seeing Niyati standing at the door.

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