Agar Tum Na Hote 2nd February 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhimanyu hugging Sulochana from behind questions how would her Munna be able to live if she takes away his heart beat, he apologizes to her explaining he knows he has caused a lot of pain to Niyati but he cannot live without her, Sulochana starts recalling the time when Abhimanyu requested her to not separate them both ever, Sulochana mentions she had performed the Gouna in the hope that he would get healthy but is it not the right of a mother to worry for their daughter, she doesnot have the heart to leave her like this, however Niyati also insists that she is sure they would be able to make sure Abhimanyu gets healthy once again, the entire Panday family also comes to apologize to her, Manaroma doesnot let Sulochana leave, she is even about to touch her feet seeking the apology when Sulochana questions what is she doing as this is not right, Mr Panday also mentions he can see Sulochana Bhabhi also desires the same thing but she is not ready to accept it because of Ram however they will not let anything happen to Niyati. Sulochana mentions that she performed her Gouna when Abhimanyu was unconscious but she has gotten really scared after watching this all, Niyati hugging Sulochana mentions she has just seen her pain but not the fact that her entire family is always standing with her, and now even her husband is with her, Abhimanyu once again pleads Sulochana to not separate them, she agrees to their request assuring she will talk with her father on the promise that they all will take care of her daughter, the entire family agrees, Abhimanyu wipes of the tears from the face of Sulochana, he taking the hand of Niyati informs she is his wife and it is only her responsibility to take care of her, Aanad thinks thy both get even more close when he tries to separate them, Sulochana mentions she has to leave now since Ram is waiting at the airport, Saira also wishes Niyati a beautiful life, she even asks Abhimanyu to get healthy, they all turn to leave.

Amma jee asks Kinkar to call the Pandit jee since they are going to hold a pooja which will be performed by Niyati, Abhimanyu asks what about him, Amma jee explains nothing happens in this house without him.

Abhimanyu standing in the balcony is thinking about the time when he mis treated Niyati, he threw water on her in the market, and even tried to throw her out of the house, Niyati coming from behind explains that from tomorrow his vacation has ended as the next phase of his treatment is going to start, she would not like to hear his complaints or excuses, and would not even bear any tantrum, Abhimanyu kneels in front of her, she questions what is he doing, he explains that he is trying to apologize as he has caused a lot of pain to her, he is a really unlucky person since he was not able to recognize his true love even after they were married. Niyati asks him to forget all that has happened in the past since she has also forgotten it.

Niyati walking into the room says he must accept what she is about to say, he immediately assures he is going to accept her every order but she asks him to listen to it clearly since she knows he in order to not accept it makes a loophole, Abhimanyu coming asks if the wives get training to taunt their husband, Niyati replies a wife doesnot need any right to show that she is the wife as only her love enough of it, he asks her to show it when Niyati explains that when their Gouna was performed he was unconscious so all their vows were left unheard but now they are standing in front of each other as the husband and wife, so today his wife is going to ask him for a promise, he holding her hand asks her to say whatever she desires, Niyati explains he knows she cares a lot for him and will never make any decision that hurts him, she is always going to do what is best for him, she desires he must accept whatever she says without any questions, she asks if he got scared when Abhimanyu assures he will always accept her every order since she and Maa are the two who mean the most in his life, he hugs her, Niyati is also really happy that he has accepted her, Abhimanyu and Niyati both are really close to each other, she however has tears in her eyes while he is not able to look anywhere except his wife, he holding her hand kisses them, they start to be romantic when he finally kisses her on the forehead. They both come really close when there is someone who is banging on the door, he exclaims who is this person that is trying to ruin their love story and is an enemy of their love, he opens the door and is shocked to see his mother standing in front of him, he at once apologizes mentioning that he did not see her, she asks what did he say as she was not able to hear it clearly, he asks her to not make fun of him. Abhimanyu explains he is even going to make a promise that he will not do anything that is going to harm her, Manaroma questions why he is acting like this, they all start enjoying. Abhimanyu questions if they both have planned against him since it is not right when Manaroma mentions she only desires he behave nicely and get even her life, she informs Niyati that her monkey son is now her responsibility and she must make sure he gets healthy, Niyati assures she is going to make sure of it and till that happens will not let Manaroma rest, he asks them both to make it clear. Kamna coming asks them to come down for the pooja, Manaroma says Niyati should go since she has to perform the pooja, Niyati questions how he forgot his promise so early since he said he is going to listen to her so must eat the medicines on time, he agrees when Manaroma asks Niyati to go while she is going to come after a while.

Manaroma questions Abhimanyu what he has thought about the future, he says that he is going to have the medicine and then eat the Parshad. Manaroma mentions she is asking about his life with Niyati since she has faced a lot of problems so he should do something special for her, Abhimanyu questions if she can suggest him when Manaroma asks if he expressed his love after talking with her and did he play the mouth Haugen with her permission so why is he asking her now, she suggests that he should do something which makes her feel really well since she ever since the Gouna has faced the problems, Abhimanyu mentions she is not like a mother in law as usually they tend to create problems but she is the best mother, Manaroma leaves asking him to come down after taking his medicine, he in excitement takes out the medicine but before he can walk out, Abhimanyu suffers immense pain in his head, he wonders what is happening to him.

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