Agar Tum Na Hote 7th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Niyati tries to explain to Manaroma that the experiment did not work on Abhimanyu but it has worked on a lot of people, Kichu tries to explain they all just desire the healthy life of Abhimanyu and even Niyati was just trying to do the same, Abhimanyu from behind calls Niyati, coming in front of Manaroma, he questions if she has taken the contract for him, that she convinced his entire family to lie just for that experiment, he questions how can she do so much drama that for a moment he was convinced she is his wife because his mother told him and she never speaks a lie, but Niyati for the sake of her experiment even made his mother a liar, Niyati exclaims they all just want him to be healthy when Abhimanyu exclaims that he would not be healthy when she is around him, they can call any other nurse.

Manaroma exclaims no other nurse would take care of him like her, she is the reason he is standing with them, Mr Panday also exclaims she is the one who took care of him even before and also yesterday she treated him, Manaroma convinces him to let her stay when Abhimanyu agrees because of Manaroma but insists on going out as he cannot stay in this house anymore, he feels suffocated when Manaroma tries to insist saying he is not well, Kichu agrees on the condition that he take the driver with him.
Manaroma once again thanks Niyati for saving her son as she has made herself fall much in his eyes, Kichu exclaims now it would be more difficult for her, Niyati exclaims that he is tensed so would get a little more tensed, she will bear his hatred a little more but it was necessary that his trust on his family remains intact, if he had run away once again, so it was necessary for Abhimanyu, she is an outsider for him so what does it matter, Manaroma holding her hand exclaims she will pray that her problems get sorted really soon, Niyati asks Manaroma that she needs to go after Abhimanyu as she cannot leave him alone, Kichu asks Karan to arrange a driver for Niyati, he sends her with all his blessings.

In the house Amma along with Mami and bua jee are praying who ill eyes have hurt Abhimanyu as his problems are not ending, when Mami questions why she is worrying as he has the blessing of Druga maa, Mami jee exclaims that everything is sorted just as it was today when Manaroma exclaims she is tensed because the lie never has a good ending.

In the market some girls are walking when some boys in the market start tasing them exclaiming they are beautiful so they should also teat them because they are so hot, however when he is about to touch them Abhimanyu hits them with a pot exclaiming that he should come to this market each and every day since then he would also get a chance to tease someone, Abhimanyu even beats the other goons but is not able to take his eyes of her, the girl is also looking at him while he smiles.

Niyati reaches the market in a car, she starts walking looking for Abhimanyu who comes to the goons thanking them, the girl also thanks Abhimanyu when he exclaims that it is the duty of every boy to protect a girl and not of these goons, Abhimanyu asks if she lives in Lucknow when she replies she is a medical student, the other girls accompanying her leave, but Abhimanyu doesnot let her go however she insists on going alone, he exclaims that he loves walking so they can walk as then her PG would also come, Niyati rushing in the market asks one of the vendor where is the son of Gajendar Panday, he mentions Abhimanyu left with a girl.

Mami jee mentions that even she felt really bad seeing the condition of Abhimanyu, she just prays that everything should be fine, Bua jee also says she prays that Abhimanyu should stay away from every problem.

Abhimanyu questions where is she actually from, the girls exclaims she is from Delhi, he jokes she is from Delhi the place of Dil Walay, he seeing the tea stall asks if she would like to have tea with him, she gets tensed when he exclaims that it is said one should not take the favour of anyone and since he helped her a lot by saving her so she can have tea with him, the girl agrees.
Niyati is rushing in the market but not able to find Abhimanyu, he is with a girl, she picks up his whistle blower asking if he knows how to play it, Abhimanyu replies he would play it so well that she has not heard it anywhere else, he sitting down asks her to close his eyes and listen to his music as she will like it, he starts playing the same song which he used to play but this time with another girl, Niyati however is not able to bear the sight, she recalls how he was playing the same song on their first meeting, Abhimanyu is constantly looking in the eyes of the girl seeing whom Niyati feels really tensed.

Abhimanyu plays it when the girl exclaims that she feels that she must leave now, Niyati calls Abhimanyu when he questions what she is doing here, he exclaims that why is she following him, Niyati explains that it is time for his medicine, he going to the girl informs her that there is nothing between him and Niyati since she is just his nurse, he asks the girl to not be worried about his relation when he calls the girl Kavya but she replies that her name is Shugun, Niyati once again tries to insist that he must have the medicine when he requests Shugun to sit down and have tea while he will solve the problem of his house, he calls Manaroma asking her to tell Niyati that she must not disturb him, she questions Niyati if everything is fine who assures that nothing is wrong.

Abhimanyu questions Shugun if she liked the tea when she tries to leave but he holding her hand questions if she believes in fate when she replies yes, Niyati starts to think about when he dropped her back home asking the same questions, he replies that he read somewhere that they meet because of Niyati, she starts looking at Niyati who is behind Abhimanyu when he exclaims he was not talking about her but destiny and is sure that they will surely meet once again, Shugun questions when will they meet again when he replies it would be really soon because of the Kismet connection, Niyati is not able to bear what Abhimanyu is saying to that stranger.

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