Ajooni 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rajveer’s friends are worried about his bebe. He says I know how to convince my grandmom. Once she says yes no one can say no. Rajveer’s baybay does pooja with the rest of the women. Aditi brings flowers. Baybay prays for her family and Rawinder’s political future. Rajveer comes in. She says, my son. Come in. He hugs her. She slaps him and says do you have any shame? She sees his friends and hits him too. She says you both gave him these ideas right? Baybay hits him and says you announced your wedding? Rajveer says give me permission. Baybay says you should get married but not with that girl. I will choose the girl for you.

Ajooni’s mom says we have to leave our own home now. Biji says what happened? Meher says mummy Ji is very worried. Neeru says that Rajveer ruined our lives. She says I don’t know what to do. Ajooni says please don’t cry. Biji says we can’t be weak. Ajooni and I will cook today, you rest.

Rajveer says if you don’t agree.. He cuts his hand. Dolly screams. Rajveer’s mom says have you gone crazy? He says if I can’t marry Ajooni I will die. Baybay says stop it. Yes, you can marry her. She slaps him and says never do it again. You will get married to her. She asks the maid to bring the first aid kid. He says to bring everyone to my engagement. She says you will get engaged to that girl. Rajveer says thank you.

Scene 2
At night, Ajooni’s family tries to sneak out. They sit in the car one by one. They leave. Bharat says once we are done, we will see him. Neeru says we can’t do anything. Subhash says what will we do? Biji says I don’t like it. We are running from our home. Subhash says we have to leave it all behind. We will start a new life. The driver takes the other route. Subhash says where are you going? Rajveer stops their car. Everyone is scared. Rajveer’s men open the doors. Rajveer says to Subhash where to? I am also your family. How can you go without me? I can’t live without you Ajooni. He says we will have a family vacation at your place. He says this driver is my man too. Sit in the car.

Rawinder says to Baybay that Rajveer has made a joke of me. People are making fun of me everywhere. Rajveer’s mom brings water. He throws it. Rewinder says people are taunting us. He’s marrying a middle class girl and he announced it on TV. Baybay says you know we can’t stop him. Rawinder says you want me to be okay with it? Baybay says let’s get him engaged and till then we will find another girl. I won’t let this wedding happen.

Rajveer says I can pick your daughter in a moment but I want to marry Ajooni with all the rituals. you all don’t even understand. Now engagement is canceled. We will get marry directly. Everyone is shocke.d Subhas says what? Rajveer says yes get ready.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer says I can shoot you all and marry Ajooni. Neeru faints.

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