Anupamaa 10th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Leela warns Samar that he will marry a girl she chooses. Samar asks why she is behind his marriage. Pakhi asks if they are not tired with their drama. Toshu asks why she wants to poke her nose everywhere. Kavya backs him and asks Pakhi to give them some break. Pakhi says they are talking as if they were not arguing before her entry. Samar without having breakfast says he is going to dance academy. Leela orders him to replace Dimple with some other girl. Pakhi gets Adhik’s call. Her phone gets picked and falls down. Adhik storms at Pakhi for leaving 2 days’ dishes unattended with cockroach and rat infestation because of that, rats biting his important office file, he being tired working alone both at office and home, she instead of taking care of house and husband lazing in her parent’s house, him getting tired of tolerating all her tantrums just because he loves her, etc., and asks why did she marry him if she wanted to be at her parent’s house permanently. Family look shocked seeing Adhik venting out his frustration. Vanraj instead gets angry on Adhik for speaking rudely to Pakhi and decides to confront him.

Adhik breaks down. He calls Anupama and silently weeps. Anupama gets concerned and sks if everything is alright. Adhik disconnects call. Anuj walks to Anupama. Adhik sleeps on sofa weeping. Vanraj angrily heads towards Adhik’s house. Hasmukh stops him and warns him not to interfere in husband-wife’s issue. Vanraj shouts Adhik can’t speak to his daughter like this. Kavya asks if he realized how his daughter treats Adhik. Kinjal says its Pakhi’s mistake. Toshu says Adhik can’t speak to his sister like this. Vanraj asks so what if Pakhi didn’t do the dishes, she is not his servant. Pakhi says its not Adhik’s mistake but Anupama’s as she provokes Adhik against her. Anuj apologizes Anupama for being rude last night and thinks his personal life shouldn’t suffer due to his professional life.

Pakhi says Anupama insults her in front of Adhik and hence Adhik got courageous to yell at her. She continues playing her victim card and accusing Anupama of making them fight. Samar says making others fight is her department. Vanraj says he will not spare Adhik today for being rude to Pakhi. Hasmukh warns him again not to interfere between husband and wife and not talk how a husband should behave as he was a bad husband. Vanraj says then Hasmukh can understand how a father feels when a bad husband insults his daughter. He determines to confront Adhik and walks away. Kavya says Vanraj shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife. Leela says Vanraj will not insult his SIL and will talk to him calmly. Hasmukh says her son is the most peace loving person in whole Ahmedabad. Vanraj knocks Adhik’s door and walks in. Adhik angirly looks at Pakhi.

Anupama asks Anuj to concentrate on his work and let her concentrate on home, she will help him at office also and along with Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik, they will work hard and clear his losses. He says correct. She says he can skip romance till then. He says he can skip food but not skip romancing his wife. She says which tablet he takes for his cuteness. He says he takes injection. She performs his nazar and prepares milkshake for him. Dehka Jo Tumko.. song plays in the background. Vanraj tells Adhik that he didn’t like Adhik humiliating Pakhi, Pakhi’s phone dropped down by mistake and whole family heard him yelling at Pakhi. Adhik says its a husband and wife’s issue. Vanraj says between husband and wife concept works in America and not here and whatever happens is between families, so families have to speak when husband and wife fight.

Adhik asks him to look at the condition of house, he heard his yelling, but doesn’t know the days of frustration behind it. Vanraj asks how will he know until Adhik informs. Adhik says he doesn’t want to as its between him and Pakhi and they themselves will solve their issue. Vanraj says whatever it is, he can’t speak to his wife like that. Adhik reminds him that even he used to speak to Anupama like that, he is not taunting him but just reminding him. Kavya asks Pakhi to go and handle the situation. Pakhi leaves. Kinjal says Pakhi doesn’t know that she herself is creating problems for herself. Kavya says Adhik is a sensible boy and wouldn’t tolerate Pakhi’s nonsense for long. Toshu hopes this drama doesn’t stretch. Samar asks if he should call Anupama. Hasmukh says no, there would a drama each day in this house and Anupama would have to stay with them to solve the problems each day.

Vanraj says his past always haunts him, he was wrong and he accepts it, even Adhik is wrong here. He says he Pakhi has always been a coddled kid and is not habituated to work. Adhik says even he didn’t spend his childhood a laborer, his sister too coddled him, even he is not habituated to work but is trying to learn. Vanraj says even Pakhi will learn slowly, a college student can’t become a housewife suddenly, Adhik shouldn’t be a typical husband and make mistakes he did. Adhik says Pakhi is at mistake. Vanraj asks if he eloped and married Pakhi for this. Adhik says he married Pakhi to spend time with her, but she doesn’t even speak to him for 2 minutes and sent her father here. Pakhi enters and shouts how dare he is to speak to her papa like this. Adhik warns her to behave with him. Vanraj warns him to watch his tone. Adhik says he married and didn’t adopt her to roam around and take care of her like a kid.

Vanraj asks didn’t he know Pakhi’s nature before marriage. Adhik says even he was same before marriage, but responsibilities change people and he changed, why can’t Pakhi change. Vanraj says he agrees. Pakhi asks why is he supporting Adhik. Vanraj says Adhik is not completely wrong and says nobody changes overnight. Adhik says when he changed, why can’t Pakhi change; when 2 people marry, there would be equal efforts, buts its one sided in his marriage and he has to work both at office and work. He tongue lashes Pakhi for not studying or getting a job and just wants to show her rights on him. Pakhi shouts he is a typical male chauvanist person. Adhik says he changed his lifestyle for her, but she can’t change a bit for him. Vanraj says no.. Adhik asks if he can wash Kavya’s clothes and clean her dishes for 2 days. Vanraj shouts at him. Adhik says this is called typical MCP. He sys he knows he is a very good husband. Anupama calls Adhik and gets tensed when he doesn’t pick call

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