Anupamaa 12th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Vanraj shouts that Adhik shouted at and pushed Pakhi. Anupama says Adhik won’t do that. Vanraj continues to shout. Ankush says they can speak peacefully. Vanraj shouts at him to shut up. Ankush asks why shall he, he speaks more sensibly than Vanraj, Vanraj’s life will reform if he keeps his mouth shut. Vanraj says he should share this knowledge to his BIL. Ankush says he should control his daughter instead. Vanraj starts physically fighting with him. Anuj stops their fight and asks Adhik if he really hit Pakhi. Adhik says he genuinely loves Pakhi and can’t think of harming her. Vanraj describes his side of the story. Adhik then describes his side of the story. Vanraj shouts Adhik is lying. Anupama says if he is trusting Pakhi, he should trust Adhik too. Anuj says they should calm down and speak peacefully. Ankush says Vanraj doesn’t know what peace means. Barkha says her brother never harms any girl. Vanraj reminds Barkha that she told her brother is a casanova. Barkha says he never physically abused any girl. Argument continues. Vanraj gets physical with Ankush again. Anuj stops them again.

Anupama asks Vanraj to listen to Adhik once. Vanraj refuses to listen and continues to shout. Anuj says instead of sorting out the issues between children, Vanraj is fueling their fight. Vanraj says Anupama is taking her in-laws’ side. Anupama says Pakhi and Adhik are equal to her and she is not taking anyone’s side. Adhik says he can’t think of harming Pakhi, in fact he got his face injury because of Pakhhi; he requests not to fight because of them and let them sort out the issue. Vanrraj shouts he would stayed back if he wanted to sort out issue instead of leaving Pakhi crying. Anupama asks if Pakhi can go to her maika/parent’s house, why can’t Adhik come. Vanraj says Adhik married Pakhi and promised to always keep her happy. Anupama says Vanraj himself and everyone had refused to take up Pakhi’s responsibility, Adhik supported and took Pakhi’s responsible then, today Vanraj came in support of Pakhi and in his blind love for daughter is ruining his daughter’s life.

Anuj asks Vanraj if he wants to ease his daughter’s life or complicate it. Anupama says if he wants to break his daughter’s marriage, he can go ahead. Vanraj says he considered Pakhi wrong under Anupama’s influence, but today he will take up his daughter’s responsibility. He tells Adhik that he will respect Adhik as his son-in-law only if he takes up Pakhis’ responsibility and keeps her happy or else he will not let Pakhi return to Adhik and will take care of his daughter. He leaves. Adhik cries that he really didn’t do anything. Barkha and Ankush calm him down and take him in. Anupama picks up Anuj’s broken spectables and says she will get it fixed. Anuj says throws it away and says he will buy another one. She says she will get a spare from his room. He says he himself will get it and sits tensed on sofa. Anupama also feels tensed. Ankush drops Adhik to his room and thinks he needs to calm down Barkha first or else she will try to retaliate for sure.

Pakhi anxiously waits for Vanraj. Kavya asks if setting fire is not enough that she wants to increase it. Vanraj returns. Pakhi asks what did Adhik say. Vanraj says Adhik was lying that he didn’t harm Pakhi. Kavya asks why did he create a drama there. Vanraj asks if he should sit quite if someone hurts his daughter. Pakhi says Adhik pushed him by mistake and it was an accident. Kavya asks if she is serious. Samar says she used to create lie even in childhood and create dramas. Toshu says they are grown up now and her lies created problem. Kavya says she accused Adhik even after her mistake. Pakhi says it wasn’t her mistake, she reacted in anger like Vanraj. Leela says she should have informed it when Vanraj was going there. Kavya says that is why elders shouldn’t interfere between couples as they reconcile in no time and make elders bad. Leela says it was Pakhi’s mistake this time, but they all are accusing her son.

Vanraj says they should end this issue right here, asks Pakhi to control herself, he even warned Adhik not to create scenes again. Kavya asks Pakhi to apologize Adhik and sort out the issue. Pakhi refuses. Vanraj says she should sort out the issue calmly if Adhik comes to her. Kavya says father and daughter created unnecessary issues. Anuj notices Anupama tensed and thinks poor Anupama gets stuck in problems always. Anupama thinks same for Anuj. Little Anu walks in and asks Anupama to fill her school form. Anuj says he will. Anupama says she will fill it, he can concentrate on his work. Little Anu asks if they will bring Christmas tree. Anuj says if Anupama wants to. Little Anu feels excited. Anupama feeds choc milk to little Anu and thinks Anuj has still not recovered well and has work pressure, she can’t throw Pakhi’s problems on him. Anuj thinks same for Anupama and thinks he should help her sort out issues.

Adhik and Pakhi miss each other. Kya Rang Laya Dil Ka Lagana.. song plays in the background. Adhik thinks he shouldn’t have got angry on Pakhi. Pakhi thinks she should have sorted out issue herself without involving Vanraj and blames Anupama that she brainwashed Adhik. She gets a call. Next morning, Pakhi meets Anuj at a restaurant and asks why he wanted to meet her. Anuj says he is her buddy and not a parent to give lecture, he wants to talk to her like a friend as both Adhik and Pakhi are equally important to him. Pakhi asks if Anupama brainwashed even him and sent him here. Anuj warns her not to drag Anupama in and take her name with respect. He then asks when she and Adhik fell in love, did they inform their family. Pakhi says no as they didn’t want to see family’s overreaction. Anuj asks then why did she drag family in it, he is sure Adhik wouldn’t have hit her, any father would get angry seeing his daughter crying, wouldn’t she get angry if Barkha takes Adhik’s side scolds her without her mistake. Pakhi says she will. Anuj asks if she really wants to be a fool.

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