Anupamaa 12th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anu passes by Vanraj’s room and seeing him fallen on floor rushes to him worried and asking if he is fine, he would have called her if he needed anyone, calls Pakhi and Toshu. Toshu, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Baa rush in and help Vanraj rest on bed. Anu worriedly asks if he fell on his shoulder and asks Toshu to check his stitches. Toshu does. Baa says she will massage his hand. Vanraj says she shouldn’t as she is having neck pain. Toshu says he will. Baa asks Anu to massage Vanraj’s hand. Kinjal says she will call masseuse. Baa says she feels/mehsoos from inside. Toshu says masseuse means massager. Kinjal tells Baa that she cannot force mummy even after knowing everything. Baa yells that she is just asking for massage and if she is so worried, why she asks her MIL to bring coffee in the morning. Anu does Vanraj’s massage. Everyone walk away seeing that. Anu asks him how is he feeling and says it will pain in the beginning but will be fine later. He hopes it would be fine soon, pointing at their relationship. Anu sensing his meaning she says he can call her if he needs anything, anyways Samar would be around him. He says she scolded him for the first time and he felt good seeing her scolding him with right. He calls her repeatedly and then says nothing. She walks away.

Kinjal angrily returns to her room. Toshu asks when mummy doesn’t have any problem, why she is having problem. Kinjal says mummy doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean she is not hurt, he will understand if even he feels mummy’s pain like she, Samar, and Bapuji. He continues arguing. She says Vanraj wants to roam around and enjoy with girlfriend and wants service from wife, he is a typical Indian male. He shouts what problem she has with papa. She says she cannot tolerate him at home. Pakhi barges in without knocking door. Kinjal says she should knock first and come in. Pakhi yells that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to enter her brother’s room. Toshu says now he is married and she needs to change her behavior. Pakhi says she needs Kinjal’s red dress for college prom party. Kinjal asks her to give her 10 minutes till she freshens up, but Pakhi gets adamant and herself opening cupboard takes dresss. Toshu scolds her that she cannot take anyone’s stuff like that. She yells that he takes Samar’s stuff without his permission. He says he cannot understand her attitude, waht problem she has. Pakhi says her problem is he and mummy always blabber Kinju baby. Anu walks in and scolds Sweety not to talk about Kinjal like this. Toshu complains that she entered room without knocking and is arguing now. Anu tells Pakhi that she can enter her parent’s room anytime, but cannot brother and SIL’s room without permission and she shouldn’t touch Kinjal’s stuff without her permission. Pakhi shouts she always favors Kinjal and they both have problem with papa and want to kick papa out of house. Toshu warns to behave herself. Anu says its not like that. Pakhi says if they both try to kick papa out of house, she will stop him via Baa and if papa goes to Kavya’s house, she will also go with papa and will never return. She throws dress and away away. Kinjal asks Anu why Pakhi misunderstands things. Anu says there is a phase of age where stubbornness overpowers right or wrong. Toshu says even he and Samar were teenagers but never behaved like this, Pakhi is self-centered since the beginning and never shares her stuff. Anu says she has to share her brother and father now; everyone can see her stubborness and irritating behavior but not her fear; she has lost her father once and wants to hold all the relationship tightly; she feels like Kavya took away her papa, her bhabhi/SIL will take her brother away, she realize her mistake and will change soon; so she apologizes Kinjal on Pakhi’s behalf. Kinjal says she doesn’t have to apologize her and she is ready to share her stuff with Pakhi. Anu asks her to get ready and come down soon.

Kavya packs Vanraj’s clothes reminiscing Vanraj in the hospital telling he will return to his home and Anu assuring that she doesn’t need Vanraj and doesn’t mind if Kavya takes him away. She thinks even if Anu guarantees her, she cannot trust anyone and will take things her hands from hereon. She travels in cab continuing to reminisce Vanraj’s words.

Vanraj calls Anu and informs that doctor had called and preponed tomorrow’s appointment to today evening. Anu says she will ask Toshu or Samar to accompany him. He thanks her and says he knows they are all facing problems because of him, Baa is serving him forgetting her neck pain, Bapuji is stressed, Pakhi cannot focus on her studies, Samar cannot go out of house, and there is a lot of work burden on Anu; he sometimes feels he shouldn’t have come here, but he wanted to as he feels peace and thinks he will get well soon here; he feels angry on himself thinking he is a burden on them. Anu says he is not a burden but guest; may be this house is not his, but this family is still his and one remembers family when they are hurt. Varaj says he wants to get well soon, face new boss, earn a lot and help children in their studies and settle them in life, there is a lot more to do. She says everything will be fine soon, Bapuji’s stress, family problems, and even with Kavya. He looks at her. She says she is serving breakfast, if he needs anything. He thinks yes, but don’t know what.

Vanraj joins family for breakfast and asks Toshu about his exams and his future job plans. He says exams are going well and he got an offer from Dave Coaching Center. Kinjal says we won’t take it, they decided to face campus interview and after getting job experience will prepare for further studies. Anu asks to take papa’s opinion before taking any decision. Baa yells that bahu and her bahu will work and she will work in kitchen. Bapuji says when she has studied so much, she will work obviously. Anu says she and Kinjal will handle home. Mamaji jokes. Bapuji says Jhilmil is there to do household chores. Kinjal says she will hire a cook. Baa yells how will they bear expenses, don’t know when will Vanraj’s salary come. Bapuji says Toshu and both bahus will also work and support family. He asks Vanraj if he is going for doctor’s checkup in the evening. Vanraj says yes. Baa asks how will he go as his car is under repair. Toshu says they will hire a cab. Kinjal says there is no need for that as she called a car from papa’s house for her and Vanraj will feel comfortable in SUV. Vanraj says he is fine with a cab. Baa yells that Kinjal’s mother will yell whole life. Kinjal says her father also stays in that house who is really good, and whats with this my home, this is also her house. Baa says this is her sasural. Kinjal says bahu is expected to consider her sasural as hers, even sasural should consider as theirs, bahu accepts sasural, but sasural doesn’t accept bahu. Anu tries to stop her. Baa yells that her lecture started, both saas and bahu should start coaching classes like Kinjal’s mother and name it kabhi saas kabhi saheli. Kinjal asks why she overreacts on everything. Vanraj says enough, he has decided to go by walk than using Rakhi’s car or else she will show her favor whole life. Kinjal says that car belongs to her father also. Anu asks if coaching classes belong to only her mother or parents both. Kinjal says both. Anu asks then why didn’t she accept her father’s offer, she would realized that help if highlighted becomes favor and dignified man cannot accept favor; Vanraj’s way of explanation is wrong, but he is not wrong. Baa says bahu is right. Vanraj gets up and tries to walk. Anu holds him. Baa asks where is he going. Vanraj says he cannot tolerate argument in the morning. Anu asks him to have food and medicine. He asks to send it to her room. Toshu tries to get up. Baa asks him to sit and let Bau take Vanraj in. Kavya gets out of cab and stands fuming seeing that. Nandini sees Kavya and shouts what the hell maasi. Family hearing herrealizes Kavya has come.