Anupamaa 13th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Samar brings Nandini and makes her sit next to Anupaam for pooja and himself sits next to Vanraj. Vanraj angrily looks at him and chants Jai Mahakaal. Anu senses his anger and notices Nandini sitting next to her; she reminisces advising Samar to go slow. Rakhi notices Nandini and asks when did she come and thinks is there something that she doesn’t know. Baa says lets everyone get mauli/holy tread tied on wrist. Vanraj ties mauli on everyone’s wrist. Anu asks him to calm down. Vanraj says her son did what he wanted to do, now its his turn. Rakhi asks Nandini to get mali tied. Nandini nervously walks to Vanraj. Samar backs her. Vanraj ties mauli on her wrist. Dolly tells Baa that Samar and Nandini are mad and shouldn’t have created this drama. Baa says young kids don’t listen. Dolly says let us take prasad from bhai. Vanraj distributes prasad to everyone. Samar holding Nandini’s hand extends it. Vanraj angrily crushes prasad.

Samar angrily plays damroo and does tandav/dance in front of Mahadev’s idol on Shankara.. song. Rakhi hopes Samar and Vanraj’s cold war shouldn’t turn into actual war. Toshu joins Samar. Samar then drags Nandini and Anu and they all 3 dance together, leaving Vanraj more angry. Samar then holds Nandini’s hand, bites prasad and feeds it same to Nandini, and they both then touch Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj backs off and orders him to get out of the house. Samar says this is his mummy’s house and he himself is staying in his mummy’s house, then with what right he is asking him to go; its a strange thing that Vanraj is asking his girlfriend to leave, but himself is staying with his gilfriend here even after being married; if he should leave this house as a punishment, then how should Vanraj be punished; usually children boast about their father, but in his case, he can’t; Vanraj can do whatever he wants as its his mother’s house. Anu shouts at Samar to shut up, asks if he will tell Vanraj what is house, house is not a brick and mortar structure but a place where relationships and love are; a structure can be anyone’s, but house belongs to everyone and especially father’s; he doesn’t know what all his father did for this house, but knows he is shiv bhakt and today’s pooja is so important to him, even then; she told him not to hurry up, but he didn’t listen; she told him that love is not bigger than love, even then he didn’t listen; if he thinks they are filmy hero heroine that he brought Nandini here holding his love. Samar says they love and love is not wrong. Anu says misbehavior is always wrong.

Kinjal says its a small issue. Toshu yells let mummy speak. Kinjal asks if he is supporting mummy for the first time just because she is favoring papa. Toshu says whatever mummy is doing is right and Samar did wrong. Kinjal says papa is wrong and not Samar. Anu stops her. Rakhi says its not right to stop her bahu. Anu says its not right to even stop her samdhan. Kaya taunts Rakhi she wanted her insult. Rakhi reverts back that Kavya understands Anu’s anger as she got a tight slap from her already. Anu asks Samar what will he do if someone questions her upbringing. He says he will make them apologize. She says he should apologize for what he did with his papa as her upbringing is questioned because of his act; he should not provoke shiv and shiv bhakt or else he has to bear their 3rd eye; she orders him touch his father’s feet and apologize. Baa comments that she was supporting her son earlier and now scolding him. Samar says he will touch Vanraj’s feet and even bear a slap, but will not accept that he is wrong. Vaa yells again that Anu’s pampering spoilt Samar and above Nandini ruined him, he shamelessly held Nandini’s hand and brought her here. Rakhi says all her family males are not right; Toshu eloped with Kinjal, Samar brought Nandini holding her hand, and what can she tell about Vanraj. Baa tells at her to shut up. Samar says Kavya didn’t want to come, but he forced her to come here. Baa yells he is saying as if he did a great job. Samar asks why can’t Mr Shah understand his emotions; whenever are doing whatever they want, why can’t he; Toshu and Mr Shah’s love is love and his love is a mistake; when they can bring their girlfriends home, why can’t he; mummy told everyone has right on the house, then even he has a right and one who left the house shouldn’t have any problem if he brought his girlfriend home; mummy told a lot, but didn’t tell that one who left the house doesn’t have right to order; when Mr Shah has left the house and went to Kavya, he doesn’t have any right to interfere between their family issues.

Vanraj angrily walks away and reminisces Samar, Rakhi, Baa, Kinjal, and Bapuji’s words. Baa rushes to her and tries to calm him down. He asks her to leave him alone for sometime. She requests to listen to him. He angrily throws stuff around and shouts he is listen to everyone and now he will speak. He walks to Samar angrily.