Anupamaa 14th July 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Samar asking Vanraj to get Anupama inside the house. Vanraj asks him to leave as well. Samar says my smart watch also stopped when it has a guarantee, mum has stopped for two hours in 25 years, is this wrong. Anupama cries and recalls herself. She sits outside the door. Samar says mummies can also be human and get tired. Vanraj raises hand. Bapu ji stops him and says Samar isn’t wrong, for a wife, the house is her world, you snatched her world. Vanraj says Anupama broke the rules. Bapu ji says your mum breaks rules all the day, shall I throw her out, don’t talk between us. Baa asks does anyone throw wife out like this. Vanraj looks on and opens the door for Anupama. Anupama says I won’t do this again. She sees Samar. Vanraj looks at her and goes. Anupama hugs her children. She says I was proud that I m a good mum, bahu and wife, I was wrong. Bapu ji says no, you stayed strong, you are a mother. Samar says I know you won’t shatter. Baa says enough, serve food now. Anupama goes.

She says its good I have made kheer, Vanraj will have it for sure. Leela asks Bapu ji would he really throw her out of the house. Bapu ji says a wife makes a house a home, how can someone make a wife leave. Leela says if you do this again, I will not leave you. He says you are Anupama’s Saas, don’t become tv’s Saas, why don’t you like her. She says she isn’t my choice, your mum has snatched my right, she is your mum’s choice. He says fine, at least tolerate her, your daughter Dolly goes to do job and parties. She says she is educated, she goes to office, what does Anupama do. He says she does all the work alone, our Dolly does the job since her Saas is like her mum. Vanraj talks to some lady on call and smiles. Anupama asks everyone to come and have food. She serves the food. Bapu ji says Vanraj didn’t come to have food. Baa says he is angry.

Anupama waits for Vanraj. Everyone finishes the food and goes. Samar sits back and sees the time. Anupama takes the food for Vanraj. He sees him reading a book. She says sorry, have food, this won’t happen again. Vanraj says my family is my responsibility, I m the provider, your work is to run the house, when a husband goes to office, he trusts his wife to look after his house, you broke my trust, I m just a husband, who hopes that his wife gives priority to his house, will this happen again. She says never, I will delete Devi’s number, you can do it. He says its alright, I m not hungry, take the food, switch off the light. She asks him to have some. She goes out.

Samar goes to Anupama and jokes. He asks her to have food. She refuses and asks him not to get stubborn. She says its my mistake, I should have not gone there. He asks where did she go with her friends. She says we went to the old Bowdi. He says it sounds like horror films. She says I danced there. He says what, you are a rockstar, dance here as well. She says everyone is here. He makes her dance. Matargashti….plays…. He hugs her and asks her to keep smiling. Baa asks them to go and sleep. They laugh. Anupama sees the time, 12 o’clock. He asks what happened. She says nothing, go and sleep.

Its morning, Anupama gets ready and asks Vanraj to remember the date. Vanraj says I have monthly meeting with my boss. He shows the tie gifted by his client. He wears it. She says its really nice. He recalls the tie gifted by that lady. He smiles. She gets her mum’s call. Her mum sings happy birthday song. Anupama thanks her. Her mum asks does Vanraj not remember, leave it, husbands are such. Vanraj goes. Anupama says I will talk later. She keeps the tie’s box. She wears bangles and goes. Jhilmil compliments her. She gives a flower to Anupama. Baa asks Anupama why did she wear a new saree. Jhilmil says you gifted that last year.

Anupama greets Baa and reminds the date. Baa says its special day, collect the curtains from the laundry man. She asks Anupama to change the old saree. Bapu ji asks would she do the saree’s FD. He jokes. Samar compliments Anupama and takes a selfie with her. Baa asks him to take selfie with her, isn’t she beautiful. Bapu ji says no. Vanraj asks for breakfast. Anupama says I heard you have a meeting, so I have packed the tiffin. Vanraj gets Dolly’s call. He asks her to come home and bring her husband along. Paritosh asks what’s the occasion. Vanraj says Samar help Anupama in the arrangements, there is party at home, special surprise for special day. He asks Anupama to have mogra gajra in her hair, and get decked up. He goes. She gets shy. She thinks he remembered my birthday.

Kavya meets Vanraj. He says we will go home. Vanraj says I have kept the party for Kavya’s promotion. Anupama cries.