Anupamaa 19th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Ankush tells lady police inspector that Barkha must have explained her everything, she can question everyone now. Inspector asks Vanraj and Pakhi if the allegations against them are correct. Vanraj says he will answer her each question, but before that he wants to file a complaint against them. Neighbors watch the drama and discuss that its Pakhi’s mistake and Adhik is innocent. Leela stops Vanraj and tells inspector that there is some misunderstanding between them and its just a normal argument, so she can go. Vanraj says let him speak. Leela stops him again and tells inspector that they don’t need police now. Inspector gets angry for wasting police’s precious time. Hasmukh interferes and says Leela got anxious and is speaking insensibly; he introduces himself and says complaint against Vanraj and Pakhi is true. Shahs stand shocked hearing that.

Pakhi in fear holds Anupama’s hand. Neighbors discuss that Hasmukh got tired of Pakhi’s dramas and hence is doing this. Hasmukh says his granddaughter threatened her husband out of her childish behavior and he is apologetic for that. He asks Pakhi to reveal whole truth to police. Anupama asks Pakhi to accept her mistake and fix things if she wants to save her relationship. Pakhi accepts that she had sent a voice message threatening Adhik to commit suicide. She describes whole story. Inspector asks if she is saying it herself or under someone’s pressure. Pakhi says herself and apologizes for her mistake. Inspector tongue lashes her for creating problems for real domestic violence victims and warns her not to trouble police unnecessarily with her false accusations again. Pakhi apologizes for her mistake. Inspector says its not a mistake but crime as even getting things done by threatening to commit suicide is also a crime. Pakhi apologizes again. Inspector then tells Vanraj that his daughter accepted her mistake and hence he has to write an undertaking that if something happens to Pakhi, Adhik and his family are not responsible. She asks govertnemt counselor to counsel Pakhi and Adhik.

Government counselor asks them if they married against their wish. Adhik says its a love marriage. Counselor asks when did they marry. Adhik says 3-4 weeks ago. Conselor says they haven’t even completed a month and already started fighting, parents work hard to upbring their children and give them a best education so that their children can threaten to commit suicide, life is not so cheap. Anupama says giving and taking life in love is not cool, love means not just singing a duet song at hillstation but supporting each other, etc., etc. She suggests to protect her precious life and relationship and thank god. Inspector teaches Vanraj and Pakhi’s signatures on undertaking and says she is sparing them this time with a warning but will not spare next time. Anuj thanks inspector for her support and assures there won’t be any problem again. Inspector leaves reminding Adhik and Pakhi to attend marriage counseling sessions.

Vanraj apologizes everyone for his mistake. Anupama hopes he would have understood it long ago. Anuj says anyways let us end this issue right here and let Adhik and Pakhi decide further. Barkha says she knows its improper to say this, but seeing Pakhi’s behavior, its difficult to spend life with such a girl. She tells Anupama that Pakhi may be Anupama’s daughter, but they can’t continue with her. Ankush says Barkha is right, Pakhi and Vanraj shut their mouth after police involvement or else Vanraj wanted to file a counter complaint. Anuj says already the issue has ended, now Adhik and Pakhi should decide what will they do further. Pakhi apologizes Adhik for her mistake and says let’s start afresh. Adhik says Barkha is right, he really loves Pakhi, but it would be difficult to stay with her again; he can’t live in a constant fear guessing he reason for her anger outbursts; he feels they should live separately. Anupama tries to speak, but Anuj stops her.

Pakhi shatters hearing that. She recalls their marriage and romantic days after that. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. She tries to hold Adhik’s hand. Adhik frees himself and walks away. Anuj also walks away holding Anupama’s hand. Pakhi breaks down and pleads Vanraj to do something and blames him for breaking her marriage. Vanraj stands silently. Pakhi runs to Adhik and hugs him tightly. She apologizes him for hurting and misunderstanding him, promises to do whatever he says, and requests him to not leave him as she can’t live without him. Adhik asks her to not create a scene on the road. Pakhi holds his feet and says even he loves her and they eloped and married, their love story can’t end like this and she can’t break their relationship due to their family issues. She blames Vanraj, Leela, and Anupama for provoking her against him.

Barkha tells Adhik that people are watching them, they should leave. Ankush says Pakhi will do same mistake and trouble them. Pakhi shouts at them to not interfere and blames them responsible. Anuj says she herself is responsible for her problems. Pakhi says everyone does mistakes and pleads Adhik not to leave her. Adhik says enough now and warns her to stop.

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