Anupamaa 1st December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anupama and Anuj take Dimple to a police station for identification of culprits. Inspector asks if she is ready. Baar Baar Haan Bolo Yaar Haan… song plays in the background. Dimple says she is ready. Inspector orders constables to bring them in. At Shah house, Leela gets worried for her grandchildren. Hasmukh taunts her addressing Parti that one who speaks to themselves are called mentally unstable . Leela asks if he is taunting her. He tells her that Vanraj and Anupama had repeatedly messaged to check on Pakhi. Leela says even she wants to but fear Pakhi’s drama. Toshu returns to take Kinjal’s file. Leela yells her to stop being wife’s slave. Hasmukh says she didn’t scold him when he actually was wrong and is scolding him now instead. Toshu says he is just worried about his family and wants to regain Kinjal’s trust, so she shouldn’t please discuss about this issue again. Leela nods okay.
Hasmukh gets Anuj’s message that they reached police station and says their real fight will start today.

Constables bring all the 5 culprits. Dimple recalls the horrific incident. Inspector asks her to look at the carefully and identify if these are the same boys. Anuj and Anupama encourage Dimple not to be afraid. Dimple stops at the main culprit who grins at her. Pakhi orders a coffee worth 750 rs. Adhik gets angry seeing the bill. Pakhi argues that he used to drink more costlier coffee before. Adhik says his sister and BIL used to pay his credit card bills then, now he has to pay himself and can’t afford it. Pakhi shouts to stop lecturing him like Anupama and thorws coffee away. Adhik asks him to stop showing attitude instead get back to her studies and try to get a job. Pakhi says he should earn instead, she will stay as a simple housewife and enjoy life. Adhik cleans the mess sadly.

Main culprit threatens Dimple. Dimple shouts he is the one and slaps him. Culprit tries to hit her back. Dimple kicks him in his groin, and he falls down writhing in pain. Inspector praises Dimple for being courageous. Anuj warns culprits that he will make sure that they get rigorous punishment and nobody can save them. Another culprit says Dimple took law in her hand. Anupama says if they had to take law in their hands, they wouldn’t have been on their feet here. Dimple shouts at goon to dare touch her again. Inspector says Dimple acted in defence and he will write a complaint against the culprit. Dimple walks out of police station with Anuj and Anupama feeling relaxed and cheered up. Anupama and Anuj praise her brave act.

Samar gets Anupama’s call and informs Hasmukh and Leela that Dimple identified the culprits and even slapped him. Leela says she would have even kicked him out. Samar says Dimple even kicked the culprit. Hasmukh praised Dimple’s bravery. Samar says Dimple is very courageous. Leela gives credit to Anupama and says she was wrong regarding this issue earlier. Samar says there is an unsung hero behind every hero and hopes Dimple gets justice. Leela says Dimple shouldn’t stay at Anuj’s house til the case ends and should shift somewhere. Hasmukh asks her not to worry as Dimple herself wouldn’t like to be a burden on anyone.

Back to Kapadia house, Dimple enjoys food freely. Anupama and Anuj feel happy seeing that. Barkha and Ankush praise police’s help in Dimple’s case. Dimple says she will leave now. Anuj suggests her to go once she gets a job and feels she is independent now. Anupama says she teaches her daughters to be self-reliant. Barkha says when she has such supportive people, she should’t hesitate to accept help. Dimple says she did some good deeds in her past life that she got Anuj and Anupama. Anuj and Anupama joke. Dimple says she wants to work. Anupama gives her a manager’s job in he dance academy and says she can join right now. Ankush says even he will have food and leave for office. Anuj gets angry hearing that. Dimple returns to her room, takes selfie happily, and writes new beginning on it. She thinks she shouldn’t trouble Anuj and Anupama much and should start life afresh. Anuj and Anupama’s romance starts.

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