Anupamaa 20th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Anupama asks Devika if she is saying truth. She says her good news made her forget her pain for a while. Anupama says to Devika that Dheeraj is a good man. Devika says to Anupama that they took the decision seeing them but now she fear again. She adds if world’s best Jodi can fight than who they are. Anupama asks Devika not to think otherwise. She says to Devika that both will be happy together. Anupama says to Devika that Anuj is just angry but she loves her a lot. She regrets ruining Devika’s happiness because of their fight. Devika console Anupama. She further says to Anupama that Anuj can’t hold anger and love both. Devika says if he will hold one, definitely one thing will leave behind. Dheeraj think Anuj is expanding his pain. He looks for a way to console Anuj. Devika asks God not to take more exams of Anuj, Anupama. She further talks about Holi.

Pakhi says if everything could have been normal than they would have celebrated grand Holi. She says it’s her and Pari’s first Holi. Samar asks Pakhi how it is her first Holi. Pakhi says post marriage. She misses Anupama. Kavya says to Samar and Pakhi that Anupama taught to be happy in every situation. She decides to celebrate Holi. Kinjal and Kavya decide to plan Holi. Vanraj and Adhik come back Paritosh. Kinjal and Hasmuk ask Vanraj about Paritosh’s condition.

Paritosh drink water by his own. Shahs get excited. Paritosh thanks Kinjal and others for supporting him. Shahs decide to celebrate Holi. Hasmuk decide to invite Anupama. Devika and Dheeraj try to divert Anuj, Anupama. They ask Anuj where he went for honeymoon. Devika asks Dheeraj don’t tell he is going to same place. Barkha and Ankush congratulate Devika and Dheeraj. Dheeraj and Devika talks about Holi. Dimple asks Anupama and Anuj to try to play Holi because if she can courage to go out after the incident than they too can.

Pakhi and Adhik request Vanraj to play Holi along. Vanraj refuses. Kavya insists Vanraj. Vanraj refuse to go. Kavya decide to play holi with everyone. Hasmuk invite Anupama for Holi party. Anupama asks Anuj. Anuj says whosoever wants to go can go. Anupama gets upset.

Anupama further asks Anuj to focus on Holi and Devika, Dheeraj’s wedding preparation. Anuj asks Anupama how she can move on easily. Anupama tries to convince Anuj to plan Devika and Dheeraj’s wedding as they don’t have anyone other than them.

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