Anupamaa 21st September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Vanraj tells Kavya that you have to do something about Anirudh. Kavya says I have to bear him all the time, I am trying everything to keep him stay away. Vanraj says I know but he has our picture and you know how Mrs. Dubey is and to make the matters worse you are staying here as well. I can’t deal with all these problems and Anupama is not that fool to avoid that photo if she sees it. Kavya says fine, I will take care of Anirudh and you just attend your son’s wedding. Vanraj says I am sorry but I am worried for my son as Anirudh threatened us. Kavya sighs and says you won’t leave me right? Vanraj says that’s not even a thought in my mind, he smiles and leaves.

Paritosh sends messages to Vanraj and asks him to select a saree for Anupama. He thinks I have to do this drama. He calls Anupama, she stammers and says Paritosh sent it.. He says take the pink saree, it suits you. Anupama is stunned and thanks him. She asks him to pick up Kavya from her house, he says okay and ends the call.
Anupama is trying to select the pink saree but Leela says this doesn’t have good stuff, I will buy another saree for her. Anu is sad. Dolly says I will buy this as a gift for Anupama. Paritosh makes Anu wear the saree and she blushes.

Samar is in the kitchen and sees Nandini trying to talk on call. He smiles at her. She says don’t stare and give me the wifi password. He says ‘love you’. She says what? He says this is the password. He stammers in front of her and she makes a weird face and leaves. He sighs.

Paritosh tells everyone that Kamini chachi is coming. Jayesh says she will make ruckus here. Anupama asks Sanjay why he is silent today? He says nothing. Anupama sees Kavya entering there with Vanraj and glares at them. They all sit down. Anupama asks why she got late? She says I had to go to a lawyer.

Anirudh looks at Vanraj adn Kavya’s photo. He is angry and says should I send it? He says I am sorry Kavya but I have to do this to save you. He send it to Rakhi. Rakhi sees it and says my work is done so soon?

All family members of Vanraj get a message. They open it. Leela says who is messaging us together? Sanjay is stunned. All look at Anupama. She asks what happened? Leela says Rakhi has sent the wedding invitation on mobile. Vanraj says you can’t expect a lot from her. Anupama says they might do this usually.

Nandini gets the picture of Vanraj and Kavya hugging intimately. She is shocked and says Kavya Maasi I want to talk to you alone. Kavya says what’s the matter? Nandini says I can’t talk here, she asks Anupama don’t worry my mom just wants to talk to her. She holds her hand and takes her away from there. Vanraj looks on.

Nandini brings Kavya to a room and shows her the picture. Kavya says Vanraj and I are a friend, I was feeling low and he just hugged me, Anirudh just wants to malign my name so he is doing cheap antics. Nandini says why are you explaining so much? you know I won’t judge you like this, if you are saying Vanraj is your friend then I accept but you have to take a legal step against Anirudh, he will try to hurt you again. Kavya says I will handle everything. Nandini says we are with you, sometimes we become confused between friendship and love. Kavya says I am mature. Nandini says but you can do a mistake at any age.
Kavya calls Vanraj and tells that Anirudh sent that picture to Nandini but she didn’t trust him. Vanraj says we have to be careful now around Nandini. Kavya says she was indirectly warning me, anybody can be keeping an eye on us right now. Anirudh comes there and smirks.

PRECAP- Anirudh sends pictures to Vanraj. Anupama comes there and hugs Vanraj but he shouts at her to stay away as her hands are smelling like spices and it makes his head hurt. Anupama goes to the washroom and tries to wash away the smell.