Anupamaa 24th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anuj comforts little Anu. Anupama calls him. Little Anu picks Anupama’s call and asks if Pari is fine. Anupama says Pari is fine and asks how is she. Little Anu says she got a nightmare that they sent her back to orphanage, woke up scared and went to Anupama’s room, but didn’t find her there. She asks when will she return home. Anupama says little Pari needs her at this time. Little Anu says she knows Pari is small, but even she is small. Anupama feels helpless. Little Anu asks her not to cry and return home as soon as possible. Anupama says she will soon and disconnects call. Anuj thinks his daughter is becoming like Anupama and prioritizing others before her, its not right for both Little Anu and Anupama. Anupama sings a lullaby and comforts Pari while Anuj makes Little Anu sleep. Once Little Anu is asleep, Anuj calls Anupama and asks how is Pari. Anupama says Pari is calm now but hasn’t slept yet, asks about Little Anu. Anuj says he need not worry about Little Anu as he will take care of her. Anupama says their both daughters are in pain. Anuj says both need her.

Anuj gets Little Anu ready for school. Little Anu says she needs to give entries for annual day today and asks why didn’t mummy come yet. Anuj says Pari is too small and needs Anupama there. Little Anu says sorry for troubling them all yesterday. Anuj says papa is sorry instead as baby needs mummy. Little Anu says she is habituated to stay alone, but got scared yesterday and hence panicked. She promises not to trouble again and asks if mummy will come to school for dance practice. Anuj says Pari needs mummy or else she would have come. Anupama walks in carrying Pari. Little Anu happily runs and hugs her. Anuj asks how is Pari. Anupama says Pari is fine and says surri surri surri/sorry to Little Anu for not being available to her last night.

Shahs walk in with their bag. Kapadias feel shocked seeing them. Anuj greets them. Little Anu feels excited seeing nanu papa/Hasmukh and Nani baa/Leela and tries to touch Pari. Leela in her usual rudest tone warns her to stay away from Pari as Pari is ill. Anupama and Anuj question her. Leela changes her tone and says Little Anu also may catch viral fever. Barkha tells Anupama its good that she returned as Little Anu was missing her, why did Shahs come with her. Anupama says Pari was acting fussy and doctor advised to monitor Pari every hour and since Toshu wanted to be with Pari, he accompanied her. Leela says even they followed Anupama. Anuj says its good they came. Barkha is shocked to see Pakhi walking in and asks what is she doing here. Leela says she didn’t want Pakhi to stay alone. Barkha tells Ankush that Leela cleverly brought Pakhi here misusing Anuj and Anupama’s goodness. Hasmukh apologizes Anuj for walking in without prior information. Anuj says they are welcome and apologizes instead if they felt troubled by him. Barkha says Pakhi will stay with Dimple and takes everyone to show their rooms.

Anupama tells Anuj Toshu wanted only her to take care of Pari and Leela wanted to be with Pari, so she couldn’t refuse them. Anuj says he didn’t seek any explanation from her, this house belongs to her also and her family can come and stay with them any time. He asks if she spoke to Kinjal. She says yes and kinjal was worried and would return as soon as her work finishes. He asks if she doesn’t have any problem now, can she visit Little Anu’s school. She says yes and she will get ready soon. He thanks her and stands anxious. She asks him to speak. He says the way he saw Little Anu last night and it shook him a lot, time has made their daughter more wiser than other children of her age and knowingly or unknowingly Anupama is making her quite selfless like her; he doesn’t want his daughter to be selfish, but wants her to think about herself also and not let anyone misuse her goodness. Anupama says like her. Anuj says yes like her, Little Anu was scared but was worried for Pari, a little kid was feeling guilty that she demanded for her mummy from her papa; when Anupama’s other kids are adults and even then they show their rights on her, Little Anu was feeling guilty for showing right on her. He says they need to give time for Little Anu and whatever a father does, a child needs a mother more; he feels they couldn’t become Little Anu’s parents completely.

He says he wants their daughter to be like her but not in this regard, he wants her and their daughter to love themselves. He continues to pour his heart out describing howmuch pain he is experiencing seeing their daughter sacrificing her needs for others. Little Anu calls Anupama to find her shoes and Leela calls her at the same time to get milk for Pari. Anupama goes to attend them. Barkha fumes seeing Leela’s dominating behavior and acting as if Anupama is her servant. Ankush says its just a matter of 1-2 days. Leela next insists Anupama to prepare tea for Hasmukh while Anupama is busy tying Little Anu’s shoe laces and starts blaming her as usual. Anuj manages situation. Anupama hugs and thanks him and prays god to manage the situation.

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