Anupamaa 25th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anupama pampers little Anu before little Anu leaves for school and promises to visit her school in the evening for a dance practice. She then notices Leela fighting Barkha and Dimpy and questions what happened. Barkha says Leela is insulting at Barkha for changing Pari’s diaper. Leela says she doesn’t want an outsider’s help. Barkha says Dimpy is also a family member like Leela. Leela says Barkha will have to leave this house any time. Anupama says Barkha and Dimpy are her family and Leela can’t speak to them rudely, she and Anuj consider Dimpy as their daughter and would feel bad if Leela if Leela misbehaves with her. Leela says what can she say in Anupama’s house and yells at Anupama that Pari is her responsibility and she should take care of Pari like she takes care of Little Anu. Anupama says that is why she had been at Shah house last night. Leela orders her to comfort Pari as she consable only by her. Anupama consoles Pari.

Pari gets into Adhik’s room while he is getting ready for office and tries to help him. She slips and he holds her. Barkha passes by and gets angry seeing that. She asks Pakhi if she really knows what a break means, what is she doing in Adhik’s room. Leela interferes and asks what would a wife do in her husband’s room, why is she interfering in their romance. Barkha walks out fuming. Leela asks Adhik and Pakhi when they know enemies are around, why don’t they to close the door. She closes the door from outside and leaves. Adhik leaves for office. Pakhi thinks Leela told this is an opportunity to convince Adhik.

Anupama notices Dimpy cleaning her ghungroo for the upcoming dance classes and thanks her. Dimpy asks why Leela doesn’t like her. Anupama says she doesn’t know, someone people don’t like other without any reason. Dimpy says maybe because of her accident. Anupama says its Leela’s problem if she things so cheap, Dimpy should enjoy life. Dimpy says its exciting to handle both families together. Anupama says she fears a small issue would exaggerate into a big one and whenever both families came together, something happened. She prays god that nothing happens this time. She hears Leela fighting with Barkha again. Leela yells at Barkha and says if she had not interfere between Pakhi and Adhik today, they would have reconciled their differences. Barkha says she has such a cheap thinking and even her granddaughter is cheap to barge into Adhik’s room even after taking a break. Leela says Adhik’s celebacy wouldn’t have been spoilt if Pakhi had stayed with him. Barkha says Pakhi’s intention was same, she knows Leela and Pakhi’s intention and cleverly barged into the house. Leela says Anupama brought them here and asks when Anuj and Anupama don’t have any problem, then why is she bothered.

Anupama rushes to them and asks what happened. Leela asks her to inform Barkha not to spill venom in Adhik and Pakhi’s life. Barkha says Anupama should inform Leela and her family to behave like guests and Pakhi to stop barging into Adhik’s room. They argument continues. Anupama asks them to stop fighting and asks if they can’t tolerate each other, they should stay away from each other. She sends Pakhi with Dimpy and asks Barkha and Leela to not turn her house into a battlefield. Barkha reminds her that Anuj is upset on her and asks her to stop letting an unnecessary guests interfere between her and Anuj. Leela yells that Bakrha is provoking Anupama against her and similarly did to Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama asks her to stop now. Leela walks away yelling that she brought her into this house to humiliate her.

Anupama recalls Barkha’s warning and calls Anuj. Anuj picks call. Anupama says she just felt like hearing his house and hence called. Anuj says she did good. Anupama says she will disconnect the call then. Anuj asks if she is fine. Anupama says yes and disconnects call. Anuj thinks even he is fine. Leela complains Hasmukh against Barkha and Anupama. Hasmukh asks her to stop. Leela yells why did Anupama bring her here if she wanted to humiliate her. Hasmukh says Leela forcefully barged into Anupama’s house. Leela says what would she have done when Anupama brought Pari here. Hasmukh says they couldn’t comfort Pari, they came behind Anupama. Leela says let us go home. Hasmukh says lets go then. Leela stands silent. Hasmukh says what happened now, why is she creating problems here when she doesn’t utter a word at Dolly’s sasural; she should maintain silence at least till Vanraj, Kaya, and Kinjal return home. Leela leaves yelling. Vanraj calls Hasmukh and asks where are they as nobody is picking phone. Hasmukh says they are at Anupama’s house.

Samar notices Dimpy wearing Anupama’s ghungroo and praises her. Dimpy says she is trying to act happy so train her brain to feel happy. Anupama passes by. Samar asks her to click a pic of him and Dimpy for a poster. She does and even herself poses with Samar. Leela stands frowning seeing that. Anuj returns home. Hasmukh pampers him and says he will prepare tea for Anuj and then Anuj can calmly described what happened at his office today. Anuj gets emotional and says he reminded him of his father. Anuj prepares tea enjoying a chat with Hasmukh. Little Anu returns home. Anuj rushes to her excitedly. Little Anu excitedly describes how she and Anupama enjoy dancing at school and teacher asked Anupama to choreograph the show. Anupama says they will set the stage on fire. Leela brings Pari. Little Anu excitedly tries to touch Pari. Leela yells at her to stay away from Pari. Little Anu says she wanted to show her glitter pen to Pari. Leela asks Anupama to prepare dinner for Hasmukh and walks away.
Anuj feels hurt seeing Leela’s authoritative behavior.

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