Anupamaa 25th July 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Vanraj asking Anupama to get ready. She gets happy and says he will drop me there. She gets ready and takes everyone’s blessings. Vanraj says its not a big thing. They leave. Anupama talks to Kavya on the way and praises Vanraj. He thinks she will irritate Kavya on the way, I have to drop her. He stops the car and says I forgot the file at home. She says I have kept it in your bag. He says its not there, I will go and get it, you will get late, take an auto, all the best. She thanks him. He drops her and drives ahead. He asks Kavya why isn’t she happy after he dropped Anupama. Kavya says when I see you and Anupama together, I get insecure, what’s my place in your life, we just have a relation, but not a name.

He says I love you. She says I want the social acceptance, maybe I feel insecure, its normal, I don’t hate Anupama, I worry that you may love her again. Anupama tries to get an auto. She reaches late. Principal scolds her for being late. Anupama says sorry. Pakhi says mum came and embarrassment started. Principal says this class is very notorious, I mean naughty. Anupama notes it down. She says sorry. Principal says I m warning you, it won’t be easy to handle the students, that’s your class. Anupama goes. Principal says I have taken a big chance by giving me this job, please prove me right. Anupama enters the class and finds all the students fighting. She shouts hands up. She stops the kids. Baa takes care of Meenu. She asks her not to praise Anupama. Baa watches tv.

Anupama makes the kids laugh. She introduces herself. She says we shall start a cooking class now. Meenu asks Baa to make food for her. Baa asks her to have lunch from outside. Meenu says make burger for me. Baa gets angry. The students tease Anupama. Baa makes the burger. Meenu doesn’t like it. Baa goes to make another one. Samar comes and gets the burgers made by Anupama. Baa looks on. The kids make fun of her. Anupama says I have to tell them who is the madam, what does Samar do. She acts like Samar, sings and dances. Baa looks for Meenu. Anupama engages the students. They all get to work with her. Principal looks on and smiles. She says unbelievable. Anupama recalls her children liking her homemade burger.

Principal says you proved that there can’t be a better teacher than a mum, take this, your advance salary. Anupama dances happily. Baa says you won’t be doing the job. Anupama worries.