Anupamaa 26th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Hasmukh senses Anuj tensed and asks reason. Anuj says he is tensed regarding Anupama, Anupama is handling 2 families, he feels concerned seeing her grinded between 2 families; Pakhi, Leea, Vanraj, and Toshu want Anupama to serve her life to them and instead of thanking her, they always criticise and curse her; Anupama doesn’t know to say no and hence is taking all the stress on her; she forgot that she has a family and a little daughter who needs her attention. Hasmukh says his expectation from Anupama is absolutely right, but Anupama is also not wrong; he said she is stuck, he has to stop it and not let the problem repeated. Anuj says Anupama considers Leela and Hasmukh more ther her parents, even he does and when Hasmukh pampered is head today, he spoke his heart out to him; he is sorry if he spoke something wrong. Hasmukh says he spoke truth. Leela hears their conversation.

Anuj returns to his room and feels happy seeing Anupama spending time with Anupama and Pari. He clicks their pics and walks out of room silently. He expresses his excitedly and then silently walks away. Hasmukh notices Leela packing her bag and asks what happened now. Leela says she heard his and his grandson’s conversation and realized what Anuj wants, so we should return back to our house. Hasmukh says we can’t as he started renovation work there, so they have to stay here. He offers her water. She angirly asks him to drop water on her head and break a pot over it. He pours water on her head and says he is following his wife’s order. She smiles. He suggests her to help Anupama in household chores and says guest will get respect in return if she gives respect. Leela says she understood what he means, she didn’t know Anuj has so much problem with her, so lets go to some ashram till renovation work finishes. Hasmukh says he is asking her to change for 2 days, but she doesn’t want to; she can go to ashram and let him stay here.

Anupama shakes her legs with Samar and Dimpy while cooking dinner. Dimpy says she is a Sridevi-level dancer and doesn’t need practice. Anupama says Samar must have informed that she is Sridevi’s fan, she is nothing in front of Sridevi, every artist needs practice and so she does. She hopes she dances well during Little Anu’s school competition. She hen hears Pari crying and rushes towards her when she notices Anuj carrying Pari and dancing with Little Anu. Anupama joins them. After some time, Anupama serves dinner to family. Pakhi sits next to Adhik and holds his hand. Adhik draws it back. Barkha praises Anupama’s cooking skills. Anupama says she took Samar and Dimpy’s help. Hasmukh says they having such a tasty food after a long time. Anupama asks why she takes so much load on herself instead of asking servants to help. Leela asks why don’t she say work load increased because of Shahs. Barkha says she didn’t mean that. Leela says he was indirectly addressing her. Barkha says Leela is dumping work on Anupama and forced her to cook instead of cooking herself and increased whole family’s burden. Leela asks since when this house belongs to her. Ankush says this house doesn’t belong to even Leela.

Little Anu asks Anupama if they can peacefully have dinner without a fight. Anupama says time please for today. Little Anu informs about her school dance competition and where she and Anupama are performing and asks if they are all coming to watch it. Everyone agree to attend. Little Anu asks if Leela will also come. Leela rudely asks to seek permission from her father first. Anuj asks why is she saying that. Leela says just like that. Little Anu requests them all to attend it as she and her mummy are best and will win for sure. Anuj says they will for sure. Pari starts crying. Toshu asks Anupama to check Pari. Anupama stands, but Anuj stops her and asks her to enjoy her food. Leela yells Pari is crying and needs Anupama. Anuj says children need attention and cry when they get bored, she was doing same last night when Ankush comforted her, Pari is Toshu’s daughter and he should comfort her. Toshu with a frowning face picks Pari. Leela burns in anger. After some time, Anuj notices Anuapam practicing dance.plays Tum Paas Aaye Yun Muskuraye.. song, and dances romantically with her.

Next morning, Leela performs pooja. Anupama offers her bhog. Leela asks if she prepared or that girl. Anupama says she prepared it and that girl’s name is Dimple. Leela asks if Anuj said something. Anupama says nothing. Leela says if Anuj has any problem, she will go from here. Barkha asks her to go then. Leela warns her not to interfere when she is talking to her daughter. Barkha laughs and says her today’s laughter yoga is finished, earlier she used to curse Anupama, Little Anu, and Adhik and now is cursing even Anuj. Leela and Barkha’s argument starts. Leela fixes earbuds and walks away enjoying music. They stop fighting. Anuj praises her acting and ges romantic. Leela passes by. Anupama runs from there feeling shy. Anuj arranges dance props at home and asks Anupama why she wants to dance practice here. Anupama says there was a short circuit at school, so she asked all mummies and kids to come here for dance practice. She gives mora gyaan about finding happiness in dancing. Kids and their mummies arrive. Anupama feels happy.

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