Anupamaa 26th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Anupama returns home with family and feels sad seeing family’s sad faces. She reminisces Rakhi asking if she will get Pakhi married in a family where a father is going on honeymoon instead of getting daughter married. Dolly reminisces Rakhi same. Baa reminisces Rakhi telling her that Anupama fell unconscious the other day after seeing Vanraj on her bed with Kavya. Toshu reminisces Rakhi breaking his alliance with Kinjal. Anu prepares snacks and milk thinking everyone must be hungry. She serves Pakhi, Toshu, and then requests Bapuji to have some milk and biscuits and then his tablets. He doesn’t reply. She asks if he will not listen to his daughter. He says he considered her daughter, but she didn’t consider him as father, hence didn’t complain him about Vanraj. He walks away. She walks behind and requests again. He says she silently suffered as a bahu, but a daughter could have shared her ordeal with him; if she thought as Vanraj’s parents, they will support him. She says his daughter got afraid, she wanted to cry in their lap and complain, but she couldn’t thinking they will stop trusting their upbringing after knowing truth; she thought she is getting what is written in her fate and didn’t want to give them sorrows, but she forgot that they are fingers of one hand, though they are different they are attached to a same hand. She continues requesting not to trouble himself for her mistakes. Bapuji consumes medicines and asks her to tell when and how this happened. She stands crying while Samar, Toshu, Sanjay look nervous. Bapuji asks if they all knew from before, his daughter kept him in dark, but they would have spoken earlier, at least they should tell whole truth now. Anu requests to let it go and not scratch old wounds. Baa shouts to stop her pravachan and tell since when this is going on. Sanjay says 8 years. Anu walks to kitchen crying while Bapuji and Baa shatter hearing 8 years.

Vanraj returns home and walks to door. Baa stands on door. He says Baa. Baa slaps him and says she is feeling ashamed to call herself as his mother.

She tells Vanraj that she has always seen Anupama’s weak points than her tolerance and good virtues. She felt that Anupama didn’t deserve him. She tells that she used to think Anupama is a bad match for Vanraj, but she didn’t knew that Vanraj is so wrong. She reprimands him for cheating his wife. She tells that she didn’t become a good mother for Anupama, being blinded in her son’s love. She tells him that she always supported him.

She regrets that she loved her son a lot. She tells that Anupama had always thought for the family, while he got much selfish. She tells Vanraj that she is ashamed to be his mother. She apologizes to Anupama. Anupama doesn’t want Leela to cry more. Leela asks Vanraj how could he romance his girlfriend when his age is to look after his children’s alliances. Hasmukh tells that they didn’t expect this. Leela and Hasmukh ask the reason for his affair.

Precap: Vanraj shouts at Baa that she got Anu married to him who cannot even deserve to stand in front of him. He whisks Anu shouting she is responsible for all this. Bapuji pushes him away and says he would have been better childless instead of bearing a son like him.