Anupamaa 26th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anupama notices Nirmit with his bag and asks if he is going somewhere. Nirmit says he is getting calls from his family. Anupama says he should inform them whatever happened and asks why he is behaving weirdly. Ankush asks him to call a cab. Anupama asks if he will return back or not. Nirmit says he will try. Kinjal gets ready for office and informs Leela and Hasmukh. Kavya says even she will go to work after sometime and informs Vanraj reached Mumbai for a job interview. Leela and Hasmukh hope he gets a job. They ask Kinjal not to worry about Pari and return home soon.

Toshu walks to them ready and informs that he is also going to work as Kinjal offered him a job. Leela yells if he will work under his wife and become her assistant. Kinjal says she can’t give her boss’ position to Toshu, she offered job to him and didn’t force him. Toshu says he himself accepted the job. Leela yells that granddaughter eloped and married and grandson became a wife’s servant. Hasmukh and Kavya asks what is a problem in it. Leela reminds that Kavya had a problem when Kinjal had become her boss and says husbands can’t tolerate their wives dominating them and would start fighting. Kavya says Kinjal gave Toshu a job out of humanity. Hasmukh says its not necessary that whatever happened earlier will repeat and asks Toshu to work hard and achieve success in his job.

Anupama tongue lashes Nirmit for trying to abandon Dimpy during the toughest time of her life. Anuj encourages him to support and fight for his love. Nirmit says he doesn’t want to be great like Anupama or a hero like Anuj. Pakhi provokes neighbor against Shah family and lies that her family doesn’t support her, they don’t even give her some sugar forget grocery. Leela notices them talking, questions neighbor, and tongue lashes neighbor for believing Pakhi. Pakhi thinks she will create a daily drama and trouble Shahs until they accept her. Kavya tries to calm down Leela and says Pakhi wants them to react, so they should stay calm. Leela leaves. Kavya gets busy over a call. A man hands over an envelope to her.

Nirmit says he doesn’t to fall in a legal trap and if they had not filed police complaint, he would taken Dimpy home and led a normal life. Anupama asks if he will abandon Dimpy then, can’t he fight for her. Nirmit says he is not great to put his family into trouble. Anupama says she can understand his situation, but he should understand a person’s true nature is judge when his partner needs him the most. Barkha says a wife can fight the whole world with husband’s support. Anupama says he would be falling in his own eyes for his coward behavior and won’t be able to see himself in a mirror, etc. Nirmit shouts he is not great to accept Dimpy, he didn’t feel like touching her when he lied beside her last night. Barkha in shock says he doesn’t have right to touch Dimpy, its him who lost the dignity and not Dimpy. He gets adamant and tries to leave. Anuj warns he will repent if he goes. Dimpy walks out and says let him go.

Kavya opens envelope and finds a note “do not support, else you will regret.” She thinks locality kids must have played prank. She notices the window open and gets suspicious. Hasmukh calls her just then. Dimpy asks Nirmit to look at her. Nirmit stands with bent head. Dimpy reminds him the oaths they took during pheras and says she just expect him to hold her hand and encourage her and not to shoot the culprits; even she is not a heroine like he said, but situation is forcing her to fight; its good that Anupama and Anuj were there to support her or else Nirmit wouldn’t even have taken her to a police; she was never his responsibility and not a partner from today. She throws her bangles on him and says she doesn’t need a coward husband like him. She throws her mangalsutra and says it was the most precious jewelry for her, but he made it worthless now.

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