Anupamaa 28th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Leela requests Anupama to stop her social responsibility and think about the family. Anupama says criminals want her to get afraid and back off. Kavya and Kinjal back her and says if Anupama backs off, culprits won’t be punished. Leela says Anupama is mahaan/great, but they are humans and can’t face all this; she pities for Dimpy, but she can’t risk her family’s lives. Hasmukh with Sama and Toshu walks in. Leela informs that they got a threat message from goons and is trying to explain Anupama to back off, but she is adamant. Kavya says even Anupama got a threat message. Leela says when the culprits can reach Kinjal’s office and Anupama’s home, they are very dangerous and can go to any extent. She pleads Anupama again to take back her complaint. Anupama refuses for the sake of humanity and should get the monsters punished. Anupama asks why is she risking family’s lives for a stranger and what if they harm them or kidnap Pari. Anupama says they shouldn’t back off in fear. Leela says a goat keeps itself alive until its in fear. Anupama says goat’s fear keeps it a goat whole life and gets preyed some day, they should live with pride.

Leela says she is okay with a bent head and doesn’t want to be mahaan/great like Anupama. Leela asks how can she think herself being a woman. Hasmukh asks Leela not to pressurize Anupama. Leela continues to plead Anupama for the sake of family’s safety and seeks her promise. Anupama recalls Dimpy’s ordeal and says no, she will not keep quiet after whatever she saw, she wouldn’t have spared the culprit boys if it was her daughter instead of Dimpy; as a woman, its a disgrace on her if she lets the culprits roam free. She continues her long speech describing how they feel bad when they read such news in newspapers but don’t do anything to curb it. She requests to help her as a family or else others won’t stand will them if one of their family member goes through similar situation. Hasmukh, Samar, Kinjal, Toshu, and Kavya back Anupama and say Anupama stood by them when Kinjal and Kavya were wronged. Anupama says they should reform they society if they want to live in it.

Leela says they may feel she is wrong and would realize later what she meant. She requests Anupama again to back off or else she will repent. Anupama asks her to stop and says she will not back off, fatee has sent Dimpy to her for a reason and she will not spare Dimpy’s culprits. Samar, Toshu, Kavya, Kinja, and Hasmukh promise to support Anupama in her mission. Anupama thank them and asks them to be alert. Leela hopes her fear doesn’t come true and warns her to back off or else the spark will burn their everything. Anupama says it will for sure if she backs off and doesn’t get justice to Dimpy. Pakhi meets her friend who praises her for marrying a handsome and rich hunk like Adhik and demands a party in a 5-star hotel. Pakhi senses someone watching them hiding.

Anuj tries to cheer up Dimpy and recites a poem for her meaning to trust someone who supports her and forget who abandoned her. Barkha with Ankush walks in and says she will take care of Dimpy. Anuj gets inspector’s call who informs that one of the culprit is caught. Dimpy asks him to inform Anupama about it. Anupama recalls Leela’s warning while traveling in her car. Car breaks down midway. Driver stops an auto and sends her. Shahs try to explain Leela how important it is to stop the crimes and not just be a spectator. Anuj gets worried for Anupama and calls driver who informs about the car breakdown and auto boarding an auto. Barkha asks if Anu is mad to risk herself. Anuj says he will go and bring Anupama. Barkha asks him to stay back as Anupama may reach anytime. Dimpy prays god to protect Anupama.

Four Bikers attack Anupama and spray a gas on her. Anupama asks driver to drive fast and reach a crowded place. Bikers pull Anupama out via her hair. Anuj senses Anupama in dander. Anupama cuts here hair and asks driver to continue driving. Auto also breaks down. Anupama runs on road. Bikers pull her by her sari pallu and make her fall down. They warn her not to support Dimpy or else she and family will face same consequences. Anupama shouts.

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