Anupamaa 29th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anupama returns home in a shocked state. Anuj comforts her and offers her water. He then asks who troubled her. Ankush says they were trying to call her since a long time. Anupama describes the whole incident happened. Anuj takes god’s oath and says he will not spare those boys. Anupama says they want to frighten us and force us to nack off. Dimpy says she shouldn’t have come here and should go from here. Anuj says culprits wants her to leave and would win if she does so. Ankush says they shouldn’t give up. Anupama says she was afraid but will not stop, the goon’s act made her determined more to fight against them. She says culprits sent threat messages to even Shah family as they are afraid of Dimple now. Anuj says they should take a strong step now and file a strong FIR against them. He decides to go and bring little Anu back home from her camp and asures that he will take security along. Ankush says he will arrange security at Shah house. Barkha says she is with Anupama and Dimpy. Ankush says he will ask police to come and take Anupama’s statement. Anupama asks him to be careful. Anuj asks her not to worry as he would become old Anuj and has kept hockey stick in his car. Anupama wishes him to go safe and return with Anu safe. She prays god to protect her family.

Vanraj returns home and reacts after learning about threat from goons. He says he is also concerned about that girl/Dimple, but can’t put family’s safety at risk and hence would speak to Anupama. Samar says they should support Dimple. Vanraj says they can’t harm their family trying to help others. Kinjal and Kavya says the can’t back off out of fear. Vanraj says they lose their family member trying to show their bravery. Hasmukh says they can’t stop living because of that. Adhik visits them tensed and informs that Pakhi had gone out to party with her friends, but hasn’t returned home yet.

Dimpy writhes in pain. Anupama offers her milk and tries to cheer her up. Dimpy says she used to cheer herself up with a dance, but due to severe pain, she can’t do that. Anupama asks if she is a dancer. Dimple says she is a Punjabi but learnt classical dance, she forgets everything when she dances. Anupama says dance is a form of devotion to Natraj and asks if she will visit Natraj temple with her. Dimple nods yes. They both dance beautifully on Pinjra Todke Udjana Hai.. song. Anupama says life gives them many reason for sorrows, but they should find fight for happiness and keep smiling.

Shah family gets worried for Pakhi. Males go in search of her while females try to call her on phone. Leela says she feared this all would happened and warned Anupama, but she doesn’t listen to her. Kinjal and Kavya ask her not to worry as Pakhi must have gone for shopping and would return soon. Leela asks what if she doesn’t return. Dimpy thanks Anupama for cheering her up. Anupama gives her some gyaan. Little Anu returns home from camp. Anupama pampers her and asks how is she. Little Anu says she missed her and papa a lot. Anupama says even they missed her a lot. She says she wants to discuss something with her. Ankush says she shouldn’t discuss this issue with a kid. Anupama says its necessary to discuss such issue as such crimes are increasing in the society, parents should teach their children to report such incidents to them. She teaches Little Anu about good and bad touch and should inform her if someone touches her inappropriately.

Anupama gets Samar’s call that Pakhi is missing and visits Shahs with Ankush and Barkha. Vanraj, Adhik, Samar, and Toshu return home. Anupama gets more worried for Pakhi. Vanraj says its a consequence of her stubbornness. Pakhi comes running in fear calling Adhik. Family asks if something happened, why she is in fear. Pakhi says she had returned home with her friend and had gone to buy something for Adhik from a bakery. She got into a cab, but a cab driver took her to different location and when she resisted, he locked all the doors. She started shouting and got out and ran away at a traffic jam. Ankush says they file a police complaint. Anupama thanks god that Pakhi is safe. Vanraj shouts at Anupama for putting family’s life at risk. Barkha and Ankush reveal that Anupama was attacked today. Vanraj asks what if Pakhi was attacked, why don’t Anupama give up…

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