Anupamaa 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Anuj gets busy on laptop while dropping Hasmukh to a temple on his way to office. Hasmukh asks if he is doing some important work. Anuj says no. Hasmuk asks him to consider him as his father for a time being. Anuj says he always considers him as his father. Hasmukh says he will freely speak today and says Anuj and Anupama are made for each other and not to fight. Anuj says he knows and understands, but what shall he do. Hasmukh says he should try, husband and wife are also humans and not each other’s replica, he can’t ask Anupama to change completely as its difficult to change one’s nature in this age, they both don’t have any shortfalls within them, so they should change situation and not themselves.

Anupama gets sad recalling each family member planning to celebrate new year party separately and not together. Ankush walks to her and offers her a tea. He says everyone are busy in their own way, he couldn’t see Anupama sad and hence came to cheer her up. Anuj asks if she has any new year resolution like weight loss. Anupama smiles and asks she never thought of weight loss. Ankush says he is thinking of joining gym and work on his greying hair. Anupama says even white hair look good. Ankush says Barkha hates white hairand would pull his hair out. Anupama laughs. Ankush says he and Barkha are imperfect couple, but Anuj and Anupama are a perfect couple and shouldn’t change. He says he doesn’t have any advice how to save Anupama and Anuj’s relationship, but has only 1 advice to never lose their love for each other. Anupama thanks him and thinks this year can’t end and new year can’t start like this.

Anuj tells Hasmukh that a distance between earth and sky may reduced, but his love for Anupama will never reduce and its like pure gold that always shines. Hasmukh says dust can cover a gold. Anuj says dust covers when people ignore their relationships and slowly let the dust cover it. He says he doesn’t feel bad when Anupama pays attention to others and he loves her that day, but when it is regarding Little Anu and it hurts when Anupama doesn’t pay attention to Little Anu even after his repeated reminder. Hasmukh says life messes up things, but they have to clean it; he should remember that its not his or Anupama’s fault but life’s fault, so he shouldn’t let the tension of office or family spoil his and Anupama’s love. He says he may be not alive tomorrow as its part of a life cycle, he wants leave the world in peace thinking that his family is happy; Anupama got a love in her middle age. Anuj says even for him, he will protect their love. Hasmukh says he wants them to be happy always and can’t see them separated. Anuj comforts him and asks if he is fine now.

Hasmukh says yes and asks him to get him down as his friend would meet him there. Anuj asks him to take his car and let him call another car for himself. Hasmukh says his friend will meet him here. Anuj asks driver to stop the vehicle, tells Hasmukh that he felt really good talking to him today, hugs him, and leaves asking him to call him if he needs anything. Hasmukh standing in the middle of the road calls his friends and meets with a tragic accident. In the evening, Leela informs Anupama that Hasmukh hasn’t returned home and even his phone is not reachable. Anupama asks her to relax and tries to call Anuj to find out where did he drop Hasmukh. Hasmukh returns home. Anupama informs that Hasmukh hasn’t returned home yet and his phone is not reachable. Toshu asks where did he drop Hasmukh in the morning. Anuj says some chowk, he asked Hasmukh to take his car, but he said his friend would be meeting there.

Leela yells at Anuj if he would drop Hasmukh anywhere on Hasmukh’s instance. Anuj asks her to relax and asks her to tell name of Hasmukh’s friend whom he went to meet, he will send driver to check. Leela insists to call Vanraj. Toshu says Vanraj is in Delhi and can’t come so soon. Samar says they will bring Hasmukh. Barkha fumes that her new year party is spoilt. Ankush says this is more important than new year party. Anuj, Toshu, and samar leave in search of Hasmukh. Vanraj and Kavya get ready for party. He gets romantic when Leela calls him and informs that Hasmukh is missing since morning, she wouldn’t have been worried if they were in their house and not Anuj’s house. Vanraj asks what happened. Leela says Anuj ill-treated her and Hasmukh and brainwashes him, she demands him to reach home soon as her parents need him. Vanraj says he will come there right now. Kavya asks what happened. Vanraj says Anuj argued with Leela and Hasmukh, he knew something wrong would have happened there. Kavya says Anuj would never argue with Hasmukh, she is sure Leela is exacerbating a simple issue. Vanraj shouts let the party and job go to hell, he is going home right now and says he is going with or without her. Kavya also gets into cab with him.

Kapadias and Shah men search for Hasmukh everywhere while ladies call Hasmukh’s friends. Leela continues to panic. Men return and inform that Hasmukh is not yet found and search operation is still on. Vanraj returns home. Anuj asks him to handle Leela as she is panicking and spoiling her health. Leela blames him and says if he had not scolded her and Hasmukh, Hasmukh wouldn’t have left home. Vanraj holds Anuj’s collar. Everyone try to pull him out. Anuj angrily frees himself and warns Vanraj. Ankush asks Vanraj to relax as he is in touch with police inspector who suggested to stay at home and see if Hasmukh returns home by himself. They all return home. Leela blames Anupama next and describes a manipulated story. Vanraj shouts at Anupama. Anuj warns him to dare not shout at his wife. Leela continues to provoke Vanraj. Vanraj continues to shout.

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