Anupamaa 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Dimple tells Anupama that some wound are very deep and never heal. She says some people ignore them and move on, but some never have a courage to forget and move on; she one amount them; she is insecure after losing her love once and and fears losing her love again; she had lost her her husband, parents, dignity, confidence everything at once and doesn’t have courage to lose it again. Leela thinks she thought wedding will be canceled if Dimple continues to fight, but she is acting as abla nari/helpless woman. Dimple continues that her insecurity may continue and she may continue her misbehavior, but she wants Anupama to handle her. She breaks down apologizing Anupama. Anupama says she misbehaved with everyone and knows her mistake, but seeing her past, they understand her state of mind and she as an adult should make a conscience move. She gives a long speech on child’s fears and insecurites and how elders ignore her, etc.

She then asks Dimple and Samar to take Hasmukh’s blessings first. Hasmukh asks them to take their mother’s blessings first. They take Anupama’s belsssings, then Hasmukh and Leela’s blessings. Dimple then apologizes Leela for her misbehavior and says she can’t be like Anupama and Kinjal but will try her best to be like them and if she makes any mistake, Leela should help them. Hasmukh says each woman is different and unique, one can’t expect everyone to be like Anupama and Kinjal, they should accept their special qualities and move on, etc. Kavya sayshe said right or else according to Leela, every DIL should be like Anupama or else she is a bad DIL. Anupama congratulates Kavya for becoming a MIL again. Kinjal says she got a devrani and Pari got a chachi. Leela tells Vanraj that she is against this wedding from before and will not give her jewelry to Dimple, let Anupama give her jewelry.

Anuj enjoys breakfast with Little Anu. Maaya asks if they need more paranthas and opens door hearing a door bell. She is shocked to see Anupama walking in and taking Anuj and Little Anu away with her. She panics and says she can’t take them away. Anupama returns and says Anuj was always her and Little Anu calls her as mother and Maaya as only Maaya. She gets out of her imagination and recalls Anuj’s words that he loves only Anupama and will return to her soon. She applies sindhoor and mangalsutra of Anuj’s name and thinks fate snatched a lot from her repeatedly, but now she will not let her fate snatch her Anuj from her and she will not let him return to Anupama at any cost as he belongs to only her.

Anupama excitedly tells Kanta and Bhavesh that they don’t have to worry about her anymore as Anuj is returning to take care of her. Bhavesh asks if Anuj is delaying, why don’t she go or call him. He jokes to stop acting like 80s heroine. Anupama says she will wait for Anuj. Kanta looks worried for Anupama. Leela tells Vanraj that Anuj and Anupama are both same and repeated same words, it looks like Anupama is dying to return to Anuj. Vanraj says Anuj is chanting Anupama’s name repeatedly as Maaya must have kicked him out. Kavya hearing their conversation sitting nearby asks if they discuss their agendas in open, she is sitting here since long, but they are busy in their b*t*hing session that they didn’t even notice her. She tells Vanraj that if Anuj doesn’t have any right to come in front of Anupama, then according to that logic, Vanraj doesn’t have any right to come in front of anyone or even get out of his room, even then he gets out of his room with his angry egostic face. Vanraj warns her to watch her words.

Kavya says Anuj didn’t come in front of Anupama out of guilt, but Vanraj shameless repeatedly walks to Anupama showing his forceful fake friendship. She then tongue lashes Leela for her hypocrytic behavior and says they both are replica of each other and its difficult to tell if Vanraj is Leela with moustance or Leela is moustachless Vanraj. She says she is very happy anyways and tells Vanraj that his happiness won’t last long as Anuj will return to Anupama and live happily ever after, but Vanraj and Leela will continue to whine and plan to marry someone’s wife. Vanraj says this will happen when Anuj will return, he hasn’t returned yet and there is a different between already came and will be coming. He walks away giving his usual evil grin.

Anupama feels shy recalling Anuj’s words that he loves her immensely whether is near or away from her. Little Anu jumps in happiness saying her mummy and papa patched up. Anuj pampers her happily. Kavya grins confidently. Anupama performs nazar and continues her shy teenager behavior. Tu Shayar Hai.. song plays in the background.

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