Anupamaa 30th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Vanraj tells Anupama that whatever she is doing is stupidity. He says police didn’t catch culprits yet as they are influential, and when police cannot do anything, what will they do. Anupama says she trusts her country law and police. Vanraj says if something happens to them, police will not come to save them. Anupama says Anuj spoke to police higher officials and Ankush will arrange security outside Shah house. Vanraj says they will have to stay as a prisoner in their own house and asks what is the guarantee that nothing will happen even after that. Anupama says they are doing whatever they can. Vanraj insists her to take back the case as they can’t be under constant fear and see his daughter in trouble. Anupama says Dimpy is also someone’s daughter and its a threat to whole country’s daughters.

She gets a call and says she needs to return some right now. Samar assures her to handle situation at Shah house. Vanraj warns her to understand before its too late. Anupama says he should understand instead and she will support Dimpy at any cost. She prays god to give her strength to fight against the culprits. Vanraj says Anupama is mad, but they need to be sensible. He orders family members not to go out alone without his permission. Kavya asks why is he afraid so much. Vanraj says because he is a father, a husband, a son, and a grandfather and is worried for his family.

Dimpy notices Anuj asleep over a couch and silently tries to leave thinking she can’t risk Anuj and Anupama’s lives. Anupama returns home and seeing her with bags asks where is she going. Anuj also wakes up and asks where is she going with her bags. Anupama says Dimpy is trying to leave silently. Dimpy cries and says she tolerated whatever happened to her, but she can’t tolerate if anything happens to Anupama’s daughter. She says they supported her when her father abandoned her, she can’t put their lives at risk. Anupama says culprits are caught and she got a call from police station. Dimpy says culprits are very dangerous and can harm us even from jail. She insists to let her go. Anupama hugs and calms her down.

Vanraj comforts Pakhi and assures her that her brother and father will protect her. He suggests her and Adhik to shift to Shah house. Pakhi happily agrees, but Adhik says they will manage and walks away with Pakhi. Vanraj thinks he will not let his family harmed because of Anupama’s foolishness. Anupama and Anuj try to convince Dimpy that however powerful culprits are, they will fight. Dimpy continues to be admaant to go from there. Little Anupama walks to her and asks who will fight for them if they don’t fight for themselves. Anupama performs on Kehta Hai Ye Pal.. song and cheers up Dimpy.

Pakhi vents out her frustration on Anupama and says just like her mother worked like a maid for 26 years, she wants her daughter do all household chores like a maid. Anuj says everyone does their own chores in USA, even she should have if she had gone to USA for studies. Pakhi then blames Anupama for today’s incident and says if Anupama had not kicked them out of the house, she would have used car and this incident wouldn’t have happened. Adhik says Anupama was using her car when the incident happened, she should stop blaming Anupama. Pakhi then says Anupama kicked her daughter out of the house and brought an orphan little Anu and stranger Dimpy home instead. Adhik asks how can she think bad about her little sister and get jealous of a victim. He says whatever Anupama is doing is commendable and they should support her and if she can’t, she shouldn’t trouble her at least. Pakhi says her mother is helping everyone except her. Adhik says its difficult to explain her and walks away. Pakhi thinks this rented house and meagre salary can’t be her reality and she will change it at any cost.

Next day, Anupama and Anuj perform pooja. Dimpy joins them. Anuj recites a poem and plays shank. Vanraj stops Pakhi and Kinjal from stepping out of house for work. Samar says they need not worry as culprits are caught. Vanraj its not necessary that the suspects caught are real culprits. Kavya says they can’t sit at home in fear, she got a job after much difficulty and need to attend it. Samar and Toshu say they will accompany Kavya and Kinjal. Kavya and Kinjal leave. Vanraj says they got Anupama syndrome. Leela yells that Toshu has become wife’s servant/joru ka ghulam. Hasmukh says she always thinks negative and should realize that Toshu is going to work again. Leela yells its better to stay at home instead of being a joru ka ghulam.

Anupama applies tilak to Dimpy and encourages her to fight like a true warrior. Dimpy applies tilak to her in return and says she is the real warrior. Ankush asks Anupama and Anuj not to worry about little Anu. Anuj, Dimpy, and Anupama walk to police station holding each other’s hand with an encouraging song in the background.

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