Anupamaa 31st December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Vanraj continues confronting Kavya and says his son’s wedding happened in front of him and he just could watch from a distance without performing any ritual or blessing his son and DIL all because of her. He continues that when he used to visit home, she was insecure and when he is staying with her, even now she is insecure; he left his family for her and now should he sacrifice his life for her.

Kavya shouts this wouldn’t have happened if he would have taken her along for wedding. He says if he would have taken her, she would have been jealous seeing him performing ritual with Anupama. She shouts why he does anything which she cannot tolerate, he didn’t even support her there and here is supporting Anupama.

He says he is not taking anyone’s side and is just saying that she is wrong. She says he cannot tolerate when she is with Anirudh, but he is always with Anu in every function, be it pooja, family gathering or family photo; he loves her, but is always with Anupama; earlier she used to be his friend and had friendship right on him, but about now. He says she is his girlfriend now and he cannot take her everywhere. She says he should treat her like a girlfriend and instead why he makes her feel like a keep. Vanraj asks why does she feel that. She says this is the truth and without divorcing his wife is staying with her, so technically she is his keep. He says even she is still married to Anirudh and what should he say then, he left his whole family for her. She shouts oh shut up, she is tired of repeatedly hearing that he sacrificed his family for her.

He asks didn’t he. She says she always returns home and performs all duties and when she insists for divorce, he changes the topic, so if he wants to repeat same and brush off when she insists for his right, she doesn’t need this relationship, him, his love in charity, or his favor; he should return to his family where his heart it, if this is his love, she doesn’t need it; he should return to Anupama and beg her by rubbing his nose on her face, Anu will accept him then; shouts to just leave.

At home, Toshu and Kinjal take god’s blessings and then Anu’s. Anu blesses them and asks to take Baa and Bapuji’s blessings. They both bless followed by Mamaji and hug youngsters. Anu apologizes them for whatever happened because of elders and asks to take Rakhi’s blessings. They walk to Rakhi, and Kinjal says she needs a straight answer from her. Rakhi asks Kinjal to trust her.. Kinjal says she trusted her and thought she is happy with her marriage and wanted to perform it with rituals. Baa says when they didn’t listen happily, she started drama; why don’t she speak. Rakhi says she didn’t mean that.

Toshu asks then why did she invite Kavya. Rakhi says because she wanted to patch up after whatever happened in resort, she was feeling guilty, and she didn’t want her daughter’s in-laws’ relationship to be spoilt because of her. She invited Kavya for wedding to make her happy and seek her forgiveness, but she didn’t know that Kavya would create a drama and spoil her daughter’s wedding; she was wrong and really doesn’t know what to say; she is really sorry. Baa asks when they had decided outsiders will not be invited, then why did she invite Kavya. Rakhi says they earlier told that Kavya is part of family.

Anu says there is no use of these words and they should forget all this; good that Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding happened with proper rituals. Bapuji and Sanjay back her. Anu’s mother says she will leave now. Dolly says when something bad happened, good also happened and they should continue celebration. Bapuji says let us have feast together. Everyone walk toward dining area. Rakhi thinks she thought wedding would cancel, but Anupama changed everything; she will not let Anu be happy for winning the game this time.

Vanraj drops Kavya’s house keys saying he is leaving her house, throws her photo from his wallet and says he is removing her from his heart; he doesn’t need either Anupama or Kavya. He walks out of house. Kavya realizes her mistake and tries to run behind him, but slips and falls down.

Rakhi walks towards her car. Anu walks to her and says she knows she is Kanhaji’s devotee and Kanhaji forgives 100 mistakes before punishing anyone. Rakhi says she is weak in counting. Anu says sometimes one mistake is equal to 100 mistakes and Rakhi did same today; she keeps quiet because of children’s happiness, but if she tries to ruin their happiness, then. Rakhi asks what will she do then. Anu says she saw what she can do and if she repeats her mistake, a mother can forgive and punish both, if she repeats her mistake, then she will get a tight slap; she should attack her and not her family; she already told that she wants to win Rakhi and not over her, but when its about children, she can defeat her badly. She further informs that Toshu and Kinjal are leaving for Udaipur as a gift from Dolly and Sanjay, so Rakhi should leave them in peace there; Rakhi should enter with sweet tongue next time even if she doesn’t bring sweets, else she will feed bitter words to Rakhi. Rakhi stands fuming wile Anu walks away.

Bapuji tells Anu’s mother that after bidayi a girl’s happiness is her in-laws’ responsibility, but he couldn’t fulfill his responsibility and is sorry for that. Baa says Anu is going out of house often now a days and they thought she informed about this to her mother. Anu walks in. Mother says she taught her mother to keep it safely whatever she gets from her sasural, Anu got only sorrows from her sasural and she didn’t share it with even her mother; she didn’t share even happiness; her heart and house broke down, even then she kept quiet. She tells Baa Anu didn’t inform whatever happened, though there is a difference of only 2 lanes between her maika and sasural, she heard it from neighbors; a daughter stays at home, but issues can’t; she prays god that she doesn’t want any other mother hear that her daughter’s husband left her for another woman.

She confronts that Baa always taunted her even for breaking a small thing, but didn’t when daughter’s house broke; a girl’s mother is always afraid to answer in daughter’s sasural, but today she will question if Baa gave this kind of sanskar to her son. Anu tries to stop her, but she stops Anu and says she taught her daughter to tolerate her MIL’s taunts and scoldings and whatever happens at home, but she feels she taught her daughter wrong; she should have taught her daughter to both tolerate and fight for her rights; if she had done that, the slap which Kavya got should have fallen on Vanraj. Baa says they perform aarti on son-in-law. Mother asks if she would have done same instead of slapping if Sanjay would have done Vanraj’s mistake; a mother-in-law/MIL is a guardian of house, Baa learnt to taunt from her MIL, but didn’t learn to follow a MIL’s duty. Anu requests to stop. Mother asks why should she, a mother keeps quiet for daughter’s happiness and relationship, why should she keep quiet when there is no relationship left; they say a mother writes daughter’s fate, but she wrote 25 years jail in her daughter’s life; her daughter would have been left unmarried instead of marrying Vanraj. She insists Anu to return home with her. Baa says but.. Mother says she is poor, but cannot see her daughter suffering. Anu says this is her house, children and family and she cannot go like this. Mother says this is not only her house, children or family; she handled them for 25 years, now let Vanraj do that. Bapuji and Baa request to stop. Mother says when they couldn’t stop their son from doing wrong, then why they are stopping her from taking back her daughter. Anu says she came in this house in doli/palanquin and will go in arthi.