Anupamaa 5th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Anuj notices Anupama cutting lots of vegetables than and asks reason. She says its for tomorrow and gives him schedule for the next 2-3 days. He asks how does she do everything alone and hugs her. She says she needs his support in her mission. They by complement each other. Anupama kisses his cheek. Anuj assures him that police is supporting them, she should fight her battle bravely. Anupama lectures her team that an atrocity towards one woman is atrocity on all women, its their duty to fight. Her team with inspector plan a covet operation. Vanraj tells Leela that Kavya, Samar, and Kinjal are not at home. Leela says they are planning something for sure. They take selfie and upload it. Anuj says culprits provoked his tigress who will not spare them.

Kavya, Kinjal, and Samar return home. Vanraj and Leela question them where were they and what were they planning. Samar nervously says they were sitting in a park. Vanraj asks if they were at Anupama’s house. Kavya says yes, they had gone to help Anupama. Leela and Vanraj warn them to stop supporting Anuapam and get into trouble. They all 3 refuse and walk away saying they can’t back off. Leela says Anupama must have brainwashed them for sure and is up to somethiung. Hasmukh says Anupama is doing what she should. Vanraj thinks what it must be.

Anupama reaches main culprit’s house Mehta residence with a background music thinking if goon can reach her house, why can’t she reach his house A lady opens door and looks tensed. Anupama greets her and says she needs to meet Vijayendra Mehta. Lady says he is performing pooja and doesn’t meet anyone without his own wish. Anupama says he will today and asks her to inform that Anupama Kapadia has come. Anuj at home tells Ankush that Anupama is a tigress who will not spare the goons. Goon gets shocked seeing Anupama and rudely ask what is she doing here. Anupama slaps him and warns him to respect elders. She tells lady that she must be his mother and must have tried to given him good upbringing, its not her fault if her son didn’t learn sanskar, but its her mistake that she didn’t punish her son and kick her out of the house for his sins.

Neighbors discuss whoever the woman is is doing right by teaching Mehta’s arrogant son. Goon pushes his mother aside and tries to attack Anupama. Goon slips and fallps down. Anupama raises her leg towards him in a Devimaa’s style enacting her with a background holy music. She says she wanted to meet his parents, but he needs a good teaching for his arrogance; there would be hero’s entry in every villain’s life who destroys villain, etc. Lady requests Anupama to go from there before Mehta comes. Mehta walks out and asks what is happening here. Neighbors rush away fearing Mehta. Dimple asks Anuj if he is not afraid that Anupama went to goon’s house. Anuj describes how confident he is of Anupama and how he wanted to see her independent and not stop her progress. He says she need not worry as goons should be afraid of Anupama instead.

Leela notices Samar, Kinjal, and Kavya discussing something seriously and asks Vanraj to stop them. Vanraj says what can he do when Anupama has brainwashed them; thinks if something happens to his family because of Anupama, he will not never see Anupama’s face. Mehta walks to Anupama. Anupama asks if he was doing pooja to save his son. Mehta says yes. Anupama says even if he performs holy pilgrimages, he can’t save his son or clean his sins; he should slap his son, drag him pulling his hair to the police station and throw him in lockup, and request inspector to break his bones. Mehta says he will do whatever he wants to, she can go. Anupama says she didn’t complete her words yet and warns him that he has only 1 day to think and should send his son to police station by morning or else she will make sure that his son will plead police to come and arest him and Mehta will repent. Mehta asks her to go now. Anupama warns him again and leaves, leavening Mehta fuming.

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