Anupamaa 6th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Vijayendra Mehta calls inspector and files complaint against Anupama for barging into his house and threatening him and his son. Inspector says he needs to visit police station to file a complaint. Mehta thinks he will for sure. Anupama tells inspector that.. Inspector says he knows she didn’t take law in her hands as he was watching from a distance, she need not worry as police will always help her in exposing Mehtas’ real face. Anupama thanks him and says if police supports like this, public can have some hope. Inspector says both law and public should unite to end evilness from the world. He leaves for police station to meet Mehta.

Anupama then calls Samar and asks if everything is ready. Samar prepares to record Dimple’s video in front of Mehta house. Anupama asks her not to worry as Mehtas have power and money, but she has a voice which a whole world should know. Dimple explains in how how she was wronged by Vijayendra Mehta’s son Manan Mehta and the atrocities towards her. She requests public to forward her video as much as possible and says Mehtas would be responsible if something happens in the future. Anupama warns Manan Mehta that he will be punished for sure and asks public if they will help her clear a garbage like Manan form the society. Media reaches and record Anupama and Dimple’s statement. Manan walks out and grins at Dimple. Dimple says he is the one who wronged her. Media focuses on him. Manan hides his face in fear and shouts at them to go from them. Vijayendra joins him and asks everyone to get out. Anupama says Durga will not go without punishing Mahishasur and warns that have time till morning to accept their crimes.

Kinjal and Kavya also join them and say they are live on social media now and can speak. Manan shouts how dare they are to record him without his consent. Vijayendra takes him in. Samar informs that their viral video is trending in social media. Anupama says now everyone will know Mehtas’ sins. Samar says Mehtas can’t escape. Whole Ahmedabad including Vanraj, Leela, and Hasmukh watch video. Leela says what is all this. Hasmukh says Anupama’s magic. Leela says even Kinjal and Kavya are seen in the video. Kinjal and Kavya return home. Vanraj and Leela scold them for going against their warning and supporting Anupama. Hasmukh supports them. Vanraj asks him not to support them and orders Kinjal and Kavya not to get out of the house without his permission. Kavya and Kinjal say they will and came home to take some bedding items and warm clothes. Vanraj says they don’t know how powerful Mehta is, he will kill and bury them away.

Pakhi walks in panicked after watching viral video and says her friends are questioning about Anupama’s act. Kavya asks if her friends didn’t question her when she eloped and married, anyways they can’t waste energy in argument as they need to go on dharna/protest. Vanraj says their dharnas won’t work on politically and financially powerful Mehta. Leela asks if they are not afraid of police lathi. Kavya says Mehtas should be afraid now as they are accountable if something happens to us. They both walk away, leaving Vanraj and Leela fuming. Pakhi says already ther are 10 lakhs views on this video.

Neighbors meet Anupama and wish to support her in fighting against Mehtas’ atrocities as even they are tired seeing Mehtas torturing their women. Anupama thanks them and sits for dharna. Little Anu walks in with Anuj. Anuj says he came to support her and is proud of her. He offers her tiffin and says he just wanted to meet her. He asks Anupama’s supporters to have food, recites shayari, and looks at Mehta house before leaving. In the evening, Anupama lectures her supporters on social boycotting Mehtas. She learns about Mehta’s daughter’s wedding and says they will not interfere in wedding. Kavya and supporters say let the marriage break and Mehta learn a lesson. Anupama says they are fighting for a daughter and can’t ruin another’ daughter’s life. Dimple says Aupama is right.

A chit falls in front of Anupama. She reads it that she is Vijayendra’s daughter Piya, her father is forcefully getting her married, she is not coming in front due to papa’s fear, they shouldn’t back off and should make sure her brother is punished. Piya from balcony shows thumbs up to Anupama. Anupama says she told them that a woman always supports another woman. Her team reverse counts from 10 to 0 and disconnects Mehta house power. Mehta panics and asks servants to check their electric fuse. Anupama and her team show torch on Vijayendra and Manan’s faces. Arambh Hai Prachand Hai.. song plays in the background

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