Anupamaa 8th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Police arrests Vijayendra and Manan Mehta. Reporters click their pics. Anupama with her team proudly walks behind. An encouraging song plays in a background. An old woman with her granddaughter tells Anupama that she had kept quiet as she was alone, now she realized a woman listens to another woman and fights for their rights, Anupama became a voice of women. Her granddaughter thanks Anupama and says she wants to become like Anupama. Anupama says she just has to speak against injustice. She recites a long poem describing how to conquer fear and pain. Manan apologizes Anupama and Dimple before police takes him and Vijayendra away. Anupama thanks god.

After a few days, Anupama performs tulsi pooja early morning. Little Anu prays for the whole family with her. Anuj prepares ginger breadman with Dimple and Ankush. They all 3 argue and laugh. Little Anu scolds Anuj for spoiling her gingerbread. Anupama sends Little Anu to get ready for school and Dimple to get ready for court hearing. Dimple says its better to end a dragging relationship. Anuj feels sad for spoiling Little Anu’s gingerbread preparation. Anupama decorates and corrects it. Anuj signals she is looking good. Teri Chahat Ke Deewane Hue Hum.. song plays in the background. She pulls him towards her. They taste ginger breadman. Little Anu walks in. They both feel shy and act nervous.

Hasmukh brings cream rolls for the family and says even will have one as he is very happy. Vanraj asks reason for his happiness. Whenver he goes out, people ask him if he Anupama’s father, Kavya and Kinjal’s FIL, and Samar’s grandfather; children are identified via their father’s name, but when he is identified as his children’s name, he feels so happy. Leela asks her to stop praising his children or else they will be spoilt. Hasmukh murmurs if children can reform her with their dharna. Everyone chuckle hearing that. Kinjal asks Toshu to bring Pari’s milk bottle from room. Pakhi walks out of her room and orders Kavya to get coffee for her. Kavya says she needs to go to office, so Pakhi should prepare it herself.

Ankush talks to real estate agent and fumes when he doesn’t get a flat on rent. He tells Barkha that he can’t borrow more time from Anuj and Anupama. Anuj and Anupama overhear them and ask them to take their own time. Ankush thinks they both are too good, we troubled them so much. Samar tongue lashes Pakhi for her arrogant and bossy attitude. Pakhi as usual rudely argues with him. Leela scolds Samar instead. Kinjal asks Pakhi to go and serve breakfast to Adhik as he must be getting ready for office. Pakhi says they are are new age couple, Adhik will manage. Kavya says both new age couple work and not sit at home lazing around, she can serve tea and breakfast to her husband at least. Pakhi says when Adhik will ask, she will. Kavya says so that she can order them to prepare breakfast. Pakhi continues her arrogant and unbearable behavior, irritating family.

Anuj over phone talks to his employee. Anupama says even she is going to college after a long time. Dimple says she will go to dance academy after meeting a lawyer. Anupama says Samar would be there to help her, festival seasoning is coming. Little Anu says they will celebrate Christmas. Anuj says they will celebrate each festival, and they all cheer up. Anupama then gets worried for Pakhi’s arrogant attitude and forcefully staying in Shah house and thinks of speaking to her. Dimple visits Dance Academy and tells Samar that she is joining duty officially from today. Samar wishes her all the best and says dance academy is her mummy’s dream, his dream is to fulfill mummy’s dream, and asks what is her dream. Dimple says her dream was to become a housewife, but that is impossible now. She talks about Anupama and Anuj’s compatibility and cheers herself. Samar teaches her dance steps. Leela walks in, gets angry seeing their growing equation, and walks away.

Anupama visits Shahs and pampers Pari. Kinjal and Kavya interact with her. Leela walks in angrily and tells Anupama doesn’t stop bringing troubles on them and asks why did she give job to Dimple in dance academy instead of Anuj’s office and is trying to dump her on Samar, she warns her that Dimple will not visit their house or life. Anupama asks reason. Leela says she will feel bad. Anupama says she will not as Leela always spoke ill. Leela says she doesn’t like Dimple, so Anupama should keep her away from Shah house, Samar, and Shah family. Adhik with Pakhi walk in greeting Anupama and says he heard she is here, so came to meet her. Anupama asks how are they. Pakhi rudely says forget about her, she should worry about Dimple. She continues her arrogance. Adhik to change topic says he will leave for job now. Anupama talks about work. Pakhi says Adhik knows his job. Leela asks Adhik to have something and goes to bring cream rolls. Pakhi continues..

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