Anupamaa: Lovely! Anuj and Anupama sort their differences inspite of Maya’s efforts to separate them

MUMBAI:Anupamaa is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing exceptionally well and is topping the weekly BARC ratings. Rupali Ganguly plays the lead role while Gaurav Khanna plays the role of her husband Anuj. These days the track revolves around Anuj returning to Anupama.

Currently, Anuj has no mood to return with Maya as his heart stays with Anupama, no matter what. Now, as Anuj sees Anupama after so many days, he has tears rolling down his eyes.

Anupama waits for Anuj to take the first step to make things alright between them. But Maya does not allow Anuj to reveal anything.

But eventually, Anuj and Anupama find the right time to clear the misunderstandings that took place between them. They hug and sort out their differences.

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