Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rani recalls what Veer said. Birju says listen.. Dadi comes. Dadi says why did you come back so fast? I know Veer came so you came early right? She says Vikram people told me there’s a big car and Veer came. She looks for him. Vikram says in heart I am sure he will sort out everything. Dadi says where is he? Rani says he’s staying in the lodge. Dadi says why? She says Kiara also came with him because she loved our village. So for her comfort, he stayed there. Give us food. Dadi says sure. Dadi goes in. Birju says till when will you lie? Veer will show his reality to everything. tell everyone. Rani says don’t make a mistake. Promise me you won’t do anything. Rani says how will I stop Veer from saying weird things.

Scene 2
Veer says we have to prepare for the wedding. Kiara says whose wedding? Veer says Birju and rani. She says we only came here to take Vikram. Just focus on that. We should leave asap. Why put yourself through pain? He says I am not in pain. We are pretending to be married only. Don’t show this fake concern. Kiara calls Rajeshwari and tells her Veer is planning to get Rani and Birju married. Veer hasn’t even met Vikram yet. Rajeshwari says why is he doing all this? What happened there? Kiara says I don’t know. He’s always angry. Please do something. Rajeshwari hangs up. Jai says Rani won’t marry Birju. Rajeshwari says if Veer finds out our game, everything would be ruined. If he carries on with this wish, he will find out.

Scene 3
Veer and Kiara come to Rani’s place. Dadi says come in Veer. He touches her feet. Dadi says Kiara I am glad you also came. Did you get married as well? Kiara says yes. Veer says in heart that means Dadi didn’t tell her. Veer says I got these sweets. Dadi says for what? Veer says you didn’t tell Rani? She says what Rani? Veer says she hides things. You find truth from other sources. Dadi says what is it? Rani says actually.. Veer says what is it? She can’t tell. Dadi says you tell me then. Veer says if Rani doesn’t want to tell you let’s keep it a surprise. Dadi says it’s okay. But you will stay here I will get everything. Veer says I will bring all my stuff here. We will all stay here and prepare for the functions. Dadi says what function? veer says it’s a surprise. She says you look changed. Ever since you came ot my daughter’s life I am so happy. You taught everyone a lesson last time as well. She touches his hands and says you have a fever? Rani take him inside let me get you tea. Take him to the room. Rani goes to the room.

Scene 4
Rajeshwari packs her bags. Jai says I don’t want to let you go alone but what can I go as? You broke my engagement with Nandini. What right will I go there as if my family asks? She says as my to-be SIL. Veer and Vikram will come back and I will get you married to Nandini. Jai says I promise you your SIL will bring both your sons back.

Scene 5
Rani says I have cleaned the bed. You can sleep. Veer says I thought you only lie to me but you lie to your family as well. Rani says I also didn’t know a lot about you but that discussion is useless now. He says how do you hide things from everyone? You hid that you love Birju? hid that I am married to Kiara and didn’t even tell dadi that you’re getting married. rani is leaving. He says won’t you answer? Rani says you lost the right to get an answer when you.. Why don’t you leave me alone. Just go. Dadi comes in and says is the bed ready? I have got the tea. She says let me get you something to eat. He leaves the tea. Rani says what new drama is this? He says I don’t want it. Rani says and extend your fever? He says don’t pretend to be nice. No one is seeing. I am the doctor I know what’s right and what’s wrong. She says you don’t know more than my dadi, she made it with love. He says don’t you understand. Rani says don’t you understand this is important? He says I know what’s right? Ran says then I will do what I think is right. She forces him to drink it. Rani says your fight is with me not her. Please drink it. He drinks it. Rani says how do you feel now? He says don’t you get tired of this drama? Who would know this face could cheat so many people. Rani says I don’t want to talk to you. Veer grasps her and says you will have to listen. You could ask me for the money but betrayed is in your nature. Rani cries. He says why these tears? Are they happy tears? Because you got what you wanted. Rani says are you done? Is there anything left? Rani is leaving. Veer stops her. Veer says this managalsutra.. I mean this thread. Why are you wearing it? Take it off. It doesn’t mean anything now.