Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Veer is worried about what Rajeshwari said. Sanjay comes and says I know you are upset. You could say no to Rajeshwari. He says but you could choose not to do it. Sanjay says sometimes it’s okay to say no. Veer says Rani sa made me who I am. She is my God. She gave me this name, who was I? No one. I would be lost. I will do whatever she asks. I can’t say not to what she asked. And everyone will get rid of this unwanted relationship.

Rajmata gives new clothes and some sweets to Rani for her dadi. Rani says I am only going for two days. Rajmata says you give us so much love. Nandini says come back fast. Vikram says get us sweets from your village. Vikram says you kicked Kiara out of the house. Rajeshwari looks at Rani. Veer says we should leave now, there must be traffic. Rani says have to take Rani sa’s blessings. She touches Rajeshwari’s feet and says I will come back soon, and take care of all the work here. Rani says one more thing is left. I can’t leave like this. Rajeshwari says what do you want to say? Rani says I wanted to meet my dad before leaving. Veer says I will take you there on the way.

Rani comes to meet Ramo. She says you look so weak. Pinku cries as well. Ramo says you both won’t cry. He says only you two are mine. I am so happy to see you two. Rani says I am keeping my promise, not giving up on my permission. I am going to bring my certificate from village. I will study there. You also don’t forget your promise. I will become the DIL of this house, but then you will keep your promise. He says go continue your admission and don’t tease Veer on the way. Rani says I feel so bad going to village without you. I came here to take you back. He says you’re only going for two days. Rani says sign these papers for the shop. I will submit these as well. He signs them. They leave. Pinku says don’t cry sister. We will be back in 2 days then will meet dad in peace. Rani says let’s go. Veer says in heart I will tell them the truth when we reach there.

Veer asks Pinku to tie his seat belt. He says in heart I can’t keep this to myself for long. I have to tell her, they will be so hurt. They drive towards the village.