Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jai’s brother calls Veer. Veer says money is arranged. Where do I bring it? He says I will tell you. Jai says give me water.. I need water.. Veer recalls how Rani was crying for water and Jai didn’t give her. Birju says yeah bringing. Veer stops him. He says what do you want? Jai says water. Veer brings water and recalls how he spilled it in front of Rani. Veer pours a glass and drinks it. He says you will also cry for water like Rani did. Rani was also asking for water. Veer spills it bear his face. Birju says happy now? He ties a cloth on his face.

Rajeshwari is worried. Sanjay comes there. He recalls what Kiara said. He says can’t tell her right now. Sanjay says I have to tell you something. Kiara.. Kiara comes in and says let me tell Rani sa. Rajeshwari says I will talk to you later. Sanjay wants to speak to me. Kiara says we are here to tell the same thing. Jai kidnapped Rani. and Nandini was involved in it. Rajeshwari is shocked.

Veer says you’ve suffered enough. Birju recalls his moments with Rani. He says Rani was always having fun with Rani. He tells stories to Veer how she loved samosas. She wouldn’t share chutney with anyone. Veer says she filled colors in my life with that chutney. she can do anything. Birju says she is the lioness of our village. He says we used to have a run from my house to hers. Then we had to part ways. Veer says no one can be a genius like her. I always got her wrong. Birju says she’s our strength.

Sanjay comes to Vikram. He says dad you.. Sanjay says I know you’re mad at me and hiding your face but I have a huge question as well. How long were you going to hide the truth? Vikram says what truth? He says about your wedding with Kiara. Vikram is shocked. Vikram says there’s no meaning of that marriage. We were drunk. Sanjay says marriage remains marriage no matter in what circumstances it happens. Sanjay says why did you hide? Vikram says might have learned from you. Our men hide the truth. You also hid the truth for 28 years. You can’t question me. He recalls Rajmata saying Kumud can’t contain her emotions. Sanjay says when did you start talking like this? That time was something else. Vikram says this time was something else as well. Sanjay says Kiara is the DIL of this house. The family deserves to know. Kiara told me her side but what do you think? Vikram recalls his moments with Kiara? Sanjay says do you care about this wedding or now? Tell me the truth. Vikram is silent. He says I wish I were like you. I wouldn’t have cared and would spend years. But I am not like you. I care about Kiara.

Vikram collides with Kiara. Vikram says I told you one day the truth would be out. She says I told uncle I don’t accept it. He says what about other people? Why are you not understanding? She says it was just a mistake. I don’t care about this wedding. When people question, I will answer the same. It shouldn’t bother you either. Let me know if you hear from Veer. She leaves. Vikram says in heart why does it matter to me then?